by newipswich 07 Jul 2009

stitching my design, the machine didn't recognize the "break" in the thread and kept on stitching (which was really not stitching). Is there anyway to get back to where it left off, or do I need to scrap this and start again.

I thought I could start the design over with the machine not threaded til I got to the point where I need to thread it, but it won't let me do that. Thanks for any advice. :->


by colonies1 08 Jul 2009

glad to see you got help...........aren't the girls great to come to the rescue.

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newipswich by newipswich 09 Jul 2009

I love this site! I can't believe how quickly people came to point me in the right direction!!

by tindo 08 Jul 2009

if in doubt read the instructions!! that is what my dear hubby always tells me...good luck...i have janome 350e and i just go back using the arrows on the front of the machine to where you think it should be.

by lbrow 07 Jul 2009

Congratulations newi. Y see these cuties can really come to the rescue & save the day, Just like Mighty Mouse *

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newipswich by newipswich 09 Jul 2009

Thank you! I just love everyone here. So quick to give help. And it's great when some have the same machine and can point to exactly what I need to know. Somehow I was overlooking that section in my manual. :-/

by marjialexa Moderator 07 Jul 2009

Yes, find your back button, you can go back and forward infinitely until you find the correct place in your design. I have the 300E, and I do this all the time. I don't have a bobbin sensor, so I occasionally 'sew' a lot of the design without thread, hee hee hee. If you still have problems, let us know, a lot of us have that machine. It's a super machine, by the way!! Hugs, Marji

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newipswich by newipswich 07 Jul 2009

Thanks so much!! I can see that I'm going to love this back button. Now I'm watching like a hawk, to see when my bobbin is almost empty, but then I'll get a thread break or something... back up, back up. Hooray, learned something new today thanks to all of you! :-)

by iris2006 07 Jul 2009

I see you already have some good answers and hope that your problem is solved now and your embridery is save. Just a flower for you

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newipswich by newipswich 07 Jul 2009

Yes, thanks to all you great people. Imagine! Even getting the page number in my user manual, to find that button. :-)
Flowers for all of you!!

by sewmom 07 Jul 2009

With your back button and color search this should be an easy fix. Good thing it's still hooped. Good Luck!

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newipswich by newipswich 07 Jul 2009

Thank you! I'm working on a US Air Force emblem design & now that I know about that back button, things are going good!! :-)

by gerryb 07 Jul 2009

If it's more than that one color back, you may be able to go back to the previous color and either go forward or backward with a button. Don't panic, you can save the design one way or the other! As long as it's still hooped.

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newipswich by newipswich 07 Jul 2009

Thanks so much for your encouragement! I've been "playing" with those back/forward buttons... neat that you can get right on target. :-)

by simplyrosie 07 Jul 2009

You should be able to back the machine up to where the color change began or back up a specific number of stitches. Which machine do you have?

newipswich by newipswich 07 Jul 2009

Thank you. I'm not familiar with all that this machine does, but I will go and see if it has that feature. I appreciate the help. I have a Janome 350E.

solosew by solosew 07 Jul 2009

You have a backwards button. See page 27 of your manual.

solosew by solosew 07 Jul 2009

Circle 15 explains how to use your front/back buttons.

newipswich by newipswich 07 Jul 2009

You are fantastic!!! It's great to have others with my machine & can even give me page numbers! Thanks so much! Things are going more smoothly now, tho' I've had to use that back button more than once on this design. (a couple of thread breaks)

solosew by solosew 07 Jul 2009

You might have noticed that before beginning stitching, the same area is a toggle switch where you can move your design around the hoop. Also, if you haven't found it, there is a box right near the toggle that looks like a square; it's for running the design outline (with presser foot up) before stitching to be sure everything is where you want it. I often use that first, then toggle if off a bit. Just an FYI!

newipswich by newipswich 09 Jul 2009

Thanks again! I have used the button for running the design outline, but not to move the design. I'll have to try it.
I haven't done many designs yet, but am loving what this machine does.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Jul 2009

Does your machine have a backward button? If you left it in the frame you should be able to go back to where the thread ran out if it has that feature.

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newipswich by newipswich 07 Jul 2009

I did leave it in the hoop. Thank you for your help! I'll go examine the book and see if it has a backward button. Whew, that would be great....