by grandma6 05 Jul 2009

i'm missing several letters to the pet font and thebookmark letters set...are all posted or am i just not findinf the "lost" letters...??? thanks for you help !!


by mysticrainbow 05 Jul 2009

There is also the letter T and Z in the bookmark and the Z in the letter. At least that is what I had found to date.

by gramsbear 05 Jul 2009

Patience is a hard thing to get! But our sweet digitizers need time to do their work. Hahaha! I appreciate every one I get, and also am impatient. Thanxx to these wonderful ladies, we Will get them! *4all

by sissibrode 05 Jul 2009

I have not yet completed the alpha bookmark ... I would add more letters in a few days : here are the school holidays then I live a little slow

by iris2006 05 Jul 2009

As far as I know the Petalpha from Dkjack is up till "S" and the BBookmark applique from Sissibrode is up till "N".

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mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 05 Jul 2009

aslo the letter T and Z for bookmark

by jerrib 05 Jul 2009

I don't think they are all posted yet.
Pet font - I have from A-S
Bookmark Letters - I have A-G and N
Bookmark- just the letters-I have A-N and Z