by jazzymag 05 Jul 2009

Just what does the term illegal cracked designs mean?


by asterixsew Moderator 05 Jul 2009

Thanks for asking the question and for the very clear answers * to all

by lbrow 05 Jul 2009

This is something I do not want any part of. *

by nonmusicmom 05 Jul 2009

As the wife of a musician who has copywriteed music I can tell you that the fines can be stiff. They not only will fine the person who did the cracking but everyone who uses it also.You got some great explinations. I hope everyone will read this post.Thanks for asking such an important question.

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by aviesel 05 Jul 2009

excellent answer dorriebelle. Software cracking, removing the protection from software, is a booming business and Disney is one of the companies that comes down the hardest on anyone using cracked/hacked designs.

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jazzymag by jazzymag 05 Jul 2009


by dorriebelle 05 Jul 2009

Sounds like it's a licensed design that was available on, say a card or proprietary media that someone hacked (or 'cracked') so you can download it without the media.

Like, the Disney Brother embroidery machines. Most of the licensed Disney designs are only available built into the machine or on a card that works with only the 'D' (for Disney) machines. But if someone figures out how to crack the encryption and software and could extract working designs, and set up all the 'Aladdin' ones as downloads on a website, those would be illegal (copyright violation) cracked (hacked) designs.

Hope that helps ! Dorrie

Hope that helps !

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Thank you, Dorrie.