by handy 03 Jul 2009

OregonPatchWork, Rose Garden has nice free throughout , but

especially look in RC Catitudes


by gerryvb 03 Jul 2009

thank you!

by jjjj 03 Jul 2009

Please do respect designers that provide HUNTS. They give their work in this manner to showcase their work and for us to test the quality, and then PURCHASE designs. These designers are trying to earn a living afterall. The sort of post here will cause ALL digitisers to become so fed up that they will withdraw all freebies and we will be the serious loosers.

by marjialexa Moderator 03 Jul 2009

Aren't her designs just gorgeous? I love Viv at Rose Cottage, and this tiger is amazing. Thanks, Marji

by jrob Moderator 03 Jul 2009

Beautiful Tiger!

by kathyjt 03 Jul 2009

I can't find it.

handy by handy 03 Jul 2009

you have to sign in

kathyjt by kathyjt 03 Jul 2009

thank you.