by gramy 22 Jun 2009

Where can I find some easy to follow directions on how to do the free standing lace items. I see so many patterns but do not know how to use them


by dlmds 23 Jun 2009

Gramy, We are lucky enough to have one of the best FSL makers right here. Try sending a P.M. to Shirlener. She does this better than anyone I know. Good luck. Big Warning!! it is addictive. Haha!! H&*.

by lbrow 23 Jun 2009

U have enough info here to get u started well gramy *4U

by simplyrosie 23 Jun 2009

Gramy, if you're in need of some personal assistance, I'd suggest sending "mariahail" a private message. She does the most amazing lace projects I have ever seen! Few can come close to her talent. She can give you all kinds of tips. ;-) Hugs! teri

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dlmds by dlmds 23 Jun 2009

I forgot Mariahail, sorry. I did mention Shirlener. H&*.

by embroiderynikki 23 Jun 2009

Here are directions from the projects page. I hope that this will help you out.

by tindo 22 Jun 2009

my answer is the same as vixen embroiderylibrary. projects has videos and teaches you step by step very helpful. good luck!

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gramy by gramy 22 Jun 2009

Thanks. I will check this out in the morning

by mad14kt 22 Jun 2009

;D *2U

by vixentlc 22 Jun 2009

Gramy, here you will find help to all kinds of projects that you plan to do. Have fun.

clawton by clawton 22 Jun 2009

This is a nice site for lots of directions.

gramy by gramy 22 Jun 2009

Thanks to vixentic for the great site info. I should be abel to learn how here for sure

gramy by gramy 23 Jun 2009

Good Morning Vixentic. I had time to read thru the info on this site. Wow, what a wealthof information. I am set to try a FSL!

vixentlc by vixentlc 23 Jun 2009

You are welcome!