by grandma6 22 Jun 2009

thank you for the caner/crab RW...i still need the aquarius one..any chance that will come back also???


by iris2006 22 Jun 2009

Voted for the aquarius and it has most of the votes till now, hope you will have it tomorrow :)

by marjialexa Moderator 22 Jun 2009

Here is the link to vote for Aquarius. Welcome to the Cute Family, Grandma6!! If you have a design you would like, and it can be voted on for the next daily free design (some of them cannot), just send an e-mail to Letvia, or a Private Message, with your request. She keeps a voting list for us so we can all vote for the same thing and be fairly sure of success. As there is no redwork request for today, I'm going to post yours. Good Luck, Marji

by celticlady1031 22 Jun 2009

It will if it gets enough votes. I'm off to add mine for you.