by cicadamn 20 Jun 2009

I never see Rosie anymore here Why? Trying to get her site, it used to be Embroidery Geeks cant get in?


by marjialexa Moderator 21 Jun 2009

Yes, as Jerrilyn said, Teri (Simplyrosie) has closed down her website for now, because with going back to school and working as well she just can't maintain everything. She wants to spend some of her spare time with her husband Jim, can't blame her for that. She's ok, and has made a couple of postings lately. Perhaps when things lighten up for her she will get back to digitizing and having a site. Thanks so much for asking! Hugs, Marji

by colonies1 21 Jun 2009

well at least we know she is ok..........that is what counts.........

by tinfriend 21 Jun 2009

I am sure that it must be hectic to maintain a website plus still have school etc! I too had wondered what had happened to the website! Thanks for asking and to everyone for replying!
*4U all!

by lbrow 20 Jun 2009

We all miss her but with school & all she is very busy. Go to Designs by Cuties, she has posted recently there *

by jrob Moderator 20 Jun 2009

Teri has closed down her site for now.;(

by clawton 20 Jun 2009

Yes, she had some postings a few days ago. You may want to sent her a PM and ask her about her site.

by iris2006 20 Jun 2009

She is busy with school and had examens, but she downloaded designs in "designs by cuties" this week.