by gramy 17 Jun 2009

I am very new. What do the flowers mean?


by camylow 18 Jun 2009

Hey, I want to add my WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY also...You are just going to LOVE US....We are some really GREAT Friends, Family, and SHOULDERS for YOU...Heres my *4U

by gerryvb 18 Jun 2009

haha, that's so funny, everybody who's new has that question, including me when I just came here. but you've got the answer. so here's another * and welcome join the group!

by sherylac 18 Jun 2009

Hello and welcome to Cute ****4u

by tinfriend 18 Jun 2009

Welcome to the Cute Family Gramy! I see that your question has been answered already so I will just give you a Flower and tell you that you are now part of the BEST Group on the Web!

PS. Please don't forget to Vote for Cute everyday when you DL the Free designs - there is a link on each of those pages - when you get to the page you must please click on the Cute Logo in order for your Vote to Register - Thank you!

Have fun!

by daisy530 18 Jun 2009

If you were in Hawaii (wish I was) they would mean Aloha! thankyou, hello, i love you, have a good day!


by read180 17 Jun 2009

Welcome to the cuties family. *4U

by lbrow 17 Jun 2009

Gramy the cuties r all giving u a warm welcome, we r glad u r here & now that u know the flowers say very loudly WE R HAPPY U R HERE Iher. 'll give u another* & dance a jig for u

daisy530 by daisy530 18 Jun 2009

How cute is this Gramy?

camylow by camylow 18 Jun 2009

I think that is soooo cute...haven't felt that way in a long time though

by dkjack 17 Jun 2009

Gramy welcome to our Cute Family

by shirlener88 17 Jun 2009

gramy, WELCOME to the CUTE family. *4U

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gramy by gramy 17 Jun 2009

What a beautiful welcome. Thank You

by jrob Moderator 17 Jun 2009

They mean: we are happy you are here, that's a good question, that's a good answer, I'm glad YOU answered that, great project, and some are just for hey, I really like you! Don't we all love getting flowers? And here, we all love giving them.;)

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gramy by gramy 17 Jun 2009

love the flowers. I am blessed to have all of you helping me

by manami 17 Jun 2009

To me, flowers mean "thank you" and "love". Welcome to the Cute family, and a flower for you. Love, Yoriko

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manami by manami 17 Jun 2009

BTW, here is my very first post on Cute, and Lillian helped me with flowes :)

by clawton 17 Jun 2009

Welcome, you will love the place!

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gramy by gramy 17 Jun 2009

I love your welocme sign

by dailylaundry 17 Jun 2009

Welcome Gramy!! Flowers are free here - and you just click on the flower and it is like smiling!! Here is a flower for you and one for mad14t!*

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gramy by gramy 17 Jun 2009

Thanlsand happy sewing to you

by mad14kt 17 Jun 2009

Welcome...sometimes flowers may mean LOVE, a HUG, SUPPORT, Thank You,Just because, etc. Others will be along with different meanings. WELCOME and enjoy your stay ;D *2U My FLOWER means "YOU ARE APPRECIATED HERE" ;)

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gramy by gramy 17 Jun 2009

I appreciate all of you and you great help