by ewroland 10 Jun 2009

Has anyone used or can tell me what Manetic Sided Bobbins by Madera are?


by maryjo 10 Jun 2009

I have not used them on my home machine, but that's all we use at work. The commercial machines stitch so fast that there is an increased incidence of back lash so we only use magnetic prewounds at work. They are recommended for home machines also, but I can't justify the added expense at home.

by jink 10 Jun 2009

that's a;so new to me !!! sounds great !!!

by jrob Moderator 10 Jun 2009

Magnetic core embroidery bobbins
Included in the programme for underthreads are the patented Magna-Glide sideless, L-style, magnetic, prewound bobbins.

With MAGNA-GLIDE you do not have to worry about the tension. Once the bobbin is inside the case and the initial tension set, the bobbin will run consistently right to the end.

In Europe the concept of bobbin thread on a magnetic core is relatively new. With standard bobbins, as they run down their reduced weight can create vibrations within the bobbin case, which can cause overspin and backlash, therefore thread breaks. A magnetic core holds the bobbin tight within the case, so eliminates this problem.

Your Advantages

No more interruptions to make tension adjustments. The constant tension allows increased stitch production with the same amount of bobbin thread, reducing time and costs.

by shirlener88 10 Jun 2009

I have not heard of them - until you shared it. Hope someone knows and stops by soon. *4U

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by gg2009 10 Jun 2009

No, I haven't heard about them. Does anyone know if they work on a HV? I thought you could NOT use anything with magnets ... including hoops ... on an electronic machine.