by sambsranch 09 Jun 2009

My back was screaming, I kept droping things on the floor, then I bumped the machine... " fige a fudge %@^*^$#! " His arm is all messed up now! This is why U don't want to bump u'r machine while embroidering something... Breath-walk away, come back later on... I'm sure my grandson wont mind the design is not perrr-fect.. Also my camera is giving me problems as well... Maybe I should of stayed in bed!

Sam :)


by 10tje 11 Jun 2009

Very nice!!*

by lbrow 10 Jun 2009

We all have those days Sam but we keep plugging along, making mistakes that we fix & no one else will b the wiser. *

by michelej 10 Jun 2009

Looks ok to me!!

by caydebug 10 Jun 2009

Sam, That's the wonderful thing about Gkids. They don't care, just love the fact that you did it for him. It's great.

by mysew1325 09 Jun 2009

this looks great to me also... we are the only one's who see our own mistakes.. or machine mess ups..

by designgirl 09 Jun 2009

It looks good to me.

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Jun 2009

Sam it looks fine from here. Hope tomorrow is better

by vixentlc 09 Jun 2009

Sambsranch, it looks lovely!

by modo 09 Jun 2009

look nice to me

by jagoda 09 Jun 2009

This is soooo pretty... Thank U for sharing

by mops Moderator 09 Jun 2009

Cute design. Your grandson will love it!

by shirlener88 09 Jun 2009

Oh Sam, sounds to me like you need to sit down and have a cuppa and relax. This is a cute design and you are right your GS may not mind - most don't notice the good and the bad of things - like we do. Take care of yourself - you deserve it. *4U