by annatjievdw 08 Jun 2009

Went to the dr today and he must operate. I hate operations and am so afraid of it. I just hope you get the whole story because I had 0 characters left and did not know how some of you can write such a long letter. Thanx for listening to me.



by iris2006 11 Jun 2009

Sorry to hear about your shoulder broken, but I think that an operation can bring a releave in your pain. Be sure that you be in my thoughts and I will think of you extra on July 3rd. Hope that you will be better after that date. Hugs.

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 16 Jun 2009

Hi Iris, Thanks so much for the good wishes.

by jrob Moderator 10 Jun 2009

Sorry, I've been a bit under the weather and haven't been on this part of the site. Wanted to add my prayers to strengthen your reserve and quick healing. I hope your surgery is relatively painless and makes your shoulder so much better you will wonder why you waited. You can come to us anytime.

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 16 Jun 2009

Hi Jerrilyn, Thanks for your prayers and good wishes. It is wonderful to have all the Cuties thinking of one in their prayers. Hope you feel better as well. Annatjie

by meganne 10 Jun 2009

Oh my, dear Anna, please do not be afraid. Surgery is only performed when nothing else will help the problem and more often the surgery will completely cure the problem and relieve all the pain.

My brother had surgery on his shoulder and he can now carry hundreds of pounds weight on his shoulder again.
I had four surgeries on my breasts in December 2008 and if I had not had them I would be dieing from cancer now instead of looking forward to a long life.

Just remember, when you go into the operating theatre, all the Cuties here will be with you and all their prayers will help carry you through the surgery and help you get better.
I will also be praying for your speedy recovery.
Hugs n blessings, Meganne

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 10 Jun 2009

Hi Meganne. Thanks a lot and a *4U.

by mad14kt 10 Jun 2009

My prayers that you will have a speedly recovery. Be BLESSED!!! ;D *2U

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 10 Jun 2009

Thanks a lot and a *4U.

by lbrow 10 Jun 2009

My dear Anna U r now on my prayer list, I'm sorry about your break, pain & the up coming surgery. Lillian

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 10 Jun 2009

Hi Lillian. All of U are such wonderful friends. Thanx a lot. *4U.

by gerryb 10 Jun 2009

Will be praying for you AND your doctor on July 3. Do what your physical therapist tells you to do! You'll do fine. But I do know how you feel!

by darenluan 09 Jun 2009

As a letter song said: Don't worry, be happy" Be happy for be part of Cute family. You'll received a lot of prayers and hugs, and the best wishes that the operation will be ok. All of us are afraid on any surgery, but God will be with you and with the Drs during the operation. Take care.**

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 10 Jun 2009

Hi, The Cuties are all so wonderful. Thanks a lot and a *4U.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Jun 2009

Like Chris said, there are prayer worriers on this site and prayers are powerful. I pray for your anxiety about the operation to disappear, for it to be successful and speedy recovery. Keep us posted when you can. Let us know the date of the operation. Hugs Angie

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 09 Jun 2009

Hi Angie, It will be on the 3rd of July. Thanx for the prayers. *4U. Annatjie

by blhamblen 09 Jun 2009

Dear Anna, we are all afraid of something!!! You will be in our thoughts and prayers!! just keep us posted, hope you have a speedy recovery!

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 09 Jun 2009

Thanx a million. *4U. Annatjie

by pennifold 09 Jun 2009

Dear Annatjie,

I pray for a good outcome with the shoulder surgery. Just relax as everyone else has said and let all of us on here pray for you. There are some might prayer warriors on this site. I also pray for a speedy recovery and that you get full use of it so you can keep on sewing. Love and blessings Chris

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 09 Jun 2009

Hi. Thanks for the lovely bunch of flowers and the prayers.Annatjie

by titamomo 09 Jun 2009

Hi Anna, living in pain is no fun at all, I can say that too. Do not be afraid, Drs. will take good care of your shoulder and you will be happy you did it. Prayers on the way!!

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 09 Jun 2009

Thanks a lot.

by marjialexa Moderator 08 Jun 2009

Annatijie, this is certainly a good place for this post, and I see you learned how to use the second box to make it longer. It's very frightening to have to be operated on, but if you trust in the doctors and they are good, it should be much less painful after they fix it. When are they wanting to do the operation, soon? I hope you will have the best outcome possible, and that they will fix it so your pain is completely gone when you are healed. It's scary, but not as scary as living with bad pain for the rest of your life. Trust, relax, and you'll do ok!! Many hugs, Marji

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 09 Jun 2009

Thanks Marji and hugs to you too. All you people on this site is just wonderful friends. Annatjie

by shirlener88 08 Jun 2009

Annatjie, I will be praying for you - as for the length of the post - you have an additional box - that once you run out of letters in the first part - you can continue typing in the second box - try it with another post or the next time - I am so sorry you are in so much pain - that has to be difficult to deal with. *4U

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 09 Jun 2009

Shirlene, thanks a lot. Yes I eventually found out that I must use the 2nd box. Annatjie

by mops Moderator 08 Jun 2009

As for the long letter, you figured it out. I am sorry to hear you need an operation. Nobody is looking forward to that, but it might bring an end to your pain. I hope you can relax and believe in a good outcome.

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 09 Jun 2009

Thanks a lot. With all you wonderful friends praying for me and all the good wishes I am sure everything will be well. It is just me being silly because I have Fibromyalgia and know operations is never easy for people with FM.