by maeeast 07 Jun 2009

The pictures are a little small, but if you click on them, then pop open really big.


by bluerhino 15 Jun 2009

Thank you!

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I just had to give you a flower 666 is not a good number!!! haha

by titamomo 09 Jun 2009

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by chenille 08 Jun 2009

What a neat idea! Thanks!**

by nonmusicmom 08 Jun 2009

WOW thats a great site. Lots of good info on many subjects and it's easy to use. Thats very important for those of use that are computer dumb. Thanks

by toet 08 Jun 2009

thanks i will keep this filed for later*

by jrob Moderator 08 Jun 2009

Great tutorial.....thanks for sharing. I've been doing this the hard way!

by maeeast 08 Jun 2009

Hi again! After reading the Comments below, I wasn't sure if the Comment about "Page not available anymore" referred to my original link or the link in one of the Comments. So, I made a tiny url. I hope this will work for everyone.

by lindaavolio 08 Jun 2009

Thank you!

by tinfriend 08 Jun 2009

Thanx - *4U!

by colonies1 08 Jun 2009

thanks for the info.........*4u all

by softhearted1 07 Jun 2009

This is such an easy way to do up pillowcases. It's called the "burrito" method. The following link opens up a pdf file that can be printed out.

chenille by chenille 08 Jun 2009

Thanks, this is terrific!!**

bluerhino by bluerhino 15 Jun 2009

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by michele921 07 Jun 2009

I was just shown how to make a quick and easy pillow case. you take 3 pieces of material 1 is 3" the next is 9" and the third is 27" all are the width of the material. Lay your 9" piece down right side up then fold your 3" in half and and lay that on top of your 9" having edge meet then lay your 27" piece on top of it all making sure edge meets. all pieces are right sides up.
Roll your 27" piece up until you can take your 9" piece and connect it to itself. Pin this together and sew that edge. Pull the 27" piece out of the tube fold right sides together and sew side and bottom. done. I serge my sides and bottom so I don't have to do a fold seam. but I was so surprised how easy this was that I have already made a couple for gifts. I embroidered the kids name on them before I sewed the sides and they loved them.

by colleta 07 Jun 2009


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by jasanne 07 Jun 2009

Thankyou. Another idea to add to my collection!

by moonz328 07 Jun 2009

Thanks, followed your instructions below to find the article and they do work*

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by jane2 07 Jun 2009

When I click this link, I get a message "page not available anymore". There are other links there, but I'm not sure which one to go to for the pattern you're referring to. Any more info you can give?

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 07 Jun 2009

click to highlight what's in the search box, then hit search. Next page, click on How to make a pillowcase. Next page, on the right side, click on How to make a Designer pc in less than 30 minutes.

sissibrode by sissibrode 07 Jun 2009

same for me :o(

by jofrog2000 07 Jun 2009

Thanks, I enjoy making pillowcases, and am always interested in another method. In fact, of all the things I have in my UFO pile, Ihave 2 cases done for next Christmas!