by karikares 06 Jun 2009

Hi~ yesterday I could not get on the Cute site... and today I still can not get the it me? or the site? I hate to miss any of the letters... sigh...



by gwensperbeck 06 Jun 2009

The same for me - though I'm now able to get on to our beloved Cute Site!

by dianejo 06 Jun 2009

I'm glad to know that it wasn't just me. I tried from 5am until 11pm several times. Missed letter and just tried to buy it, but cart button isn't responding so I left it on my shopping list. Guess it just wasn't my day - even if it's 24 hours later :)

by lenamae 06 Jun 2009

I could not get om for a couple of times but kept tryingand got on.

by wendymay60 06 Jun 2009

This is the first time I have been able to get on for over 27 hours. every time I tried I got a mesasage stating that cute has reached its limit. Isn't it good that so many love to visit the Cute site, I hope they all voted. Please can we all vote for the letter I. thankyou.

by maleah 06 Jun 2009

I thought it was only me.... I missed yesterdays alpha, too....