by cicadamn 04 Jun 2009

What does everyone do with all these font designs? Please can you give me ideas?


by colleta 04 Jun 2009

I love to collect alphabets. I use them for hankies, baby things, blankets, key chains, luggage tags, gift tags, bookmarks, and to make other designs. I just like alphas. I like collecting font too! ;)

by nonmusicmom 04 Jun 2009

Well lets see. I do a lot of monograming on gifts. I like to put little sayings or the persons name on Tshirts as gifts. I like to use the large fonts to make put the words on seasonal wall quilts. Just a few things I do with fonts. Have fun

by daisy530 04 Jun 2009

It's true some people actually use these designs, and if you visit the "projects" section of this site you will see some every now and then. I have my own theory--Some people are just plain "ADDICTED TO ALPHABETS!" You know that group -- "AA". I'm sure some of the Cuties have hundreds of them!. Problem is they are just so darn cute, pretty, and fun, everyone sooner or later falls victim to them, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. My name is Daisy, and I'm an alphabet addict.

gg2009 by gg2009 04 Jun 2009

And I thought I was the only one.

sissibrode by sissibrode 05 Jun 2009

I am an AA too :o) !!!

by ksgram1 04 Jun 2009

I use them to monogram bathtowels, make wall hangings for baby's room; put them on blouses, tote bags and book covers. I have also made pillows for the grandkids with their initials on them. Just use your imagination. The possibilitities are endless.
Happy stitching!!!

by clawton 04 Jun 2009

Mostly collect for that day when I need them! I have made children's quilts with some of them. In addition to what others suggested: some would make nice alphabet books for children.

by gerryb 04 Jun 2009

I have a nite shirt in the projects using one of the fonts along with my softwear font. But I love to put initials on lots of things...I must be a throw back to the Lavern & Shirley days too! Hey, I AM of that day!! But monograms have come back if you check out all the stores, etc today. At least around here they have! And as everyone else, I just collect them "in case" I need an unusual one!!

by modo 04 Jun 2009

just collect them ... for fun...may use them one day

by raels011 04 Jun 2009

I have made wall hangins for the grandkids but mostly I just collect them and put in folder for when I get "around to it"

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Jun 2009

I agree with lbrow, they just get collected and used when appropriate

by jrob Moderator 04 Jun 2009

I look like Lavern......I have a monogram on LOTS of my tops.;)
Also use them on towels, sheets, jackets, bags, pocketbooks, bibs, all kinds of things.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 04 Jun 2009


by bikermomfl 04 Jun 2009

I make baby blankets and quilts....

by shirlener88 04 Jun 2009

My guess is - that they just collect them - I use most of my fonts on towels, hankies, and speciality items that need a monogram or the like. *4U

by lbrow 04 Jun 2009

Cicada we just collect them. Something always comes along sometime or another that we can use them on & it's nice when u want to *4u

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cicadamn by cicadamn 06 Jun 2009

Thank U all for the Ideas Cica