Colors: 2 

Letter X

Design #: 293938
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 2.17"(w) x 3.19"(h)
Size (mm): 55 x 81
Stitches: 2900
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ART csd dst exp hus jef pcs pes sew vip xxx
x swirlsfont
Pircy by Pircy 17 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely embroidery design

maeeast by maeeast 30 Jan 2009

X is xtra cute!

mermaid by mermaid 22 Aug 2007

Thank You so much for this alphabet!

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 21 Aug 2007


yendor by yendor 21 Aug 2007

where is the y and z hope the y is next

cruiser03ca by cruiser03ca 21 Aug 2007

I am missing B, D, P and R ...can someone help me out :) please

sandralochran by sandralochran 21 Aug 2007

Thank you ..See numbers coming Great

mari1 by mari1 21 Aug 2007

thank you...

sewgreat by sewgreat 21 Aug 2007

what happened to Y and Z? Love this Alphabet but want all of letters

31143 by 31143 21 Aug 2007

bedankt voor dit prachtige alfabet

ritageysen by ritageysen 21 Aug 2007

dank u voor X

horton by horton 21 Aug 2007

Thank you for so many beautiful designs.

mad14kt by mad14kt 21 Aug 2007

meemaw...X marks the spot :)

kalif by kalif 21 Aug 2007

thank you.

hunybear1 by hunybear1 21 Aug 2007

Thank you for the X.

ninique by ninique 21 Aug 2007

Très joli alphabeth et en plus maintenant nous allons avoir les chiffres, super. Il me manque la lettre o quelqu'un peut il m'aider, merci.

joaniessw by joaniessw 21 Aug 2007

I think the "O" and "X" 's would be great on some Valentine card/gift for my husband as hugs n kisses.

elmsc by elmsc 21 Aug 2007

I'm just thrilled w/ having numbers along w/ the swirl alphabets. I'll make good use of these. THANK YOU !

bonita1313 by bonita1313 21 Aug 2007


daisycrazy by daisycrazy 21 Aug 2007

Hi my computer died and i missed the V could someone send in jef format to
Thank you:)

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 21 Aug 2007

How cool.. Numbers too!!!! 1st one with numbers and I can't wait. Thanks so much.

lerickson7 by lerickson7 21 Aug 2007

Some how I missed O and P...could someone please email them to me in any format?

meemaws6 by meemaws6 20 Aug 2007

eXactly where I might use this, I'm not sure yet, but don't want to be without an X for sure :-)

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ART csd dst exp hus jef pcs pes sew vip xxx