by ewroland 02 Jun 2009

I have been keeping silent about all the postings of freebies as I like to get free designs, but it seems that is about all that is being posted in this section of Cute.

There have been numerous postings asking these sites be posted under the designs, freebies tags.

Please post in the proper section.


by marthie 10 Jun 2009

All the complaining Cuties - leave site as is. Why want to change something that works, that people like and that is SUPER? There is a lot of us loving this site. If you dont .........

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marjialexa by marjialexa 10 Jun 2009

Know what? I'd be GLAD to leave all the drama queens. You're all watching too much reality tv. Have a nice life.

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by tinfriend 10 Jun 2009

I would like to ask a Question Please :

IF Flowers are not worth anything and there is no contest then...

A) WHY is there such an ISSUE about the fact that people are GIVING & RECEIVING them????

B) Many times I have posted a link to a Free Designs or Update then at the SAME TIME another Cutie has posted the same info too!

Just remember that I am in ANOTHER time Zone - Your Night is my day - I live in another Country! AND there is also a delay when I press the 'submit' button to send my info! That is why I often Apologise in case the info has been submitted already! OFTEN I cannot get the previous pages to OPEN so I don't have a clue what has been posted!

So for EVERYONE's information - I am NOT here at CUTE to collect Flowers by posting Freebie Links etc! I am here to SHARE what I find because I LOVE TO SHARE!

I just CANNOT comprehend what people get out of being so petty about all of these insignificant issues! WHAT do these Flowers bring to your lives? SO WHAT if others give Flowers to EVERY POSTING on CUTE - What harm can that do? IF it gives that person pleasure then SO WHAT?

Like I said before....aren't we all grown ups and aren't we all supposed to live in PEACE & HARMONY! The Majority of us are Christians - let's all act like Christians and stop all this nonsense!

*4U all!!!

moyed by moyed 10 Jun 2009

I love getting and recieving flowers, it seems to be a good way to thank cuties for the contributions they make to make my day easier and happy

tinfriend by tinfriend 10 Jun 2009

I will continue to do so until Ms VERONIKA discontinues this!!

by mariahail 09 Jun 2009

It seems to me that is is easier to click on general and skip the freebies than get upset about.

by simplyrosie 09 Jun 2009

As long as they're tagged as designs, you can select "general" from up top and you won't see them.

by sissibrode 09 Jun 2009

each day, before posting a link for a freebie, I watch the first 10 pages of Cute to verify that it has not already been!
Each of us should do the same, thus avoiding duplication !!! and don't forget to post them in DESIGNS section, please

by debleerl 08 Jun 2009

ttt perhaps others will read this. Pretty please use bookmarks for freebie sites.

*4all (hugs from me to you).



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marjialexa by marjialexa 08 Jun 2009

Thanks, Debbie. Every little bit helps.

by maryclampitt 08 Jun 2009

I my self like when cuties post freebies (I shouldn't say freebies)I consider them as reminders for the alpha letters. I do read a lot of the helpful hints on how to do things. I truly appreciate all the tips because I print out the tips, regarding stablizer, thread, etc. Everyone is so very helpful and nice. I give flowers where flowers are due, when it is helpful or something that interests me. This has been the best site I have found, many others have an extreme amount of repetition. Every morning after the gym this is the first thing I do is check this site. So thank you all for being so helpful and for the reminders.

by jjjj 08 Jun 2009

Please read this also, take some caution about some but not all freebies.

I totally agree with meganne's comments. I have been visiting this site for a number of years now. In the begining I found lots of helpful hints and tips to enable me to learn about this craft, but now it's not the same. This is a crying shame as new to machine embroiderers will not find the same help as I did. As for the flowers well .............

by mad14kt 08 Jun 2009

Some will and some won't ;D *2U

by mmgreyhounds 08 Jun 2009

Just a thought... I wonder if it would help to change the "tag" at the bottom of the posting from having the default of "general" to no default. You would not be able to post anything unless you choose a tag. I know nothing about managing a website, so I do not know how hard that would be, and if it is possible at all. But that might make people think about what they are posting.

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mad14kt by mad14kt 08 Jun 2009

MM that sounds like a GREAT idea ;D *2U

by meganne 08 Jun 2009

Personally, I think that most of the people continuously posting freebie links, are only doing it to get more flowers than anyone else. (if they weren't they would check the postings before being guilty of repeating ones already listed.)

Not that there is any contest to have more flowers than anyone else, they're not 'worth' anything!

I think it is such a shame they don't earn their flowers for actually helping other people by answering their questions for help.

And those who have not earnt them for 'Helping', as far as i'm concerned, have earnt them under false pretences and in the process they have done irreparable damage to Cute by causing the backbone members of this site to leave. Flowers as a reward for helping, are now, totally meaningless.

Hopefully, all this will soon be rectified and we will get our Community discussion page back so we can use it for the purpose for which it was created, "The Community", not just the select few who think it was created just for them to share free designs.

And if I am denigrated and blacklisted for thinking this way, so be it, I too will, in time, become another 'forgotten' old-timer.
hugs n roses, M

asterixsew by asterixsew 08 Jun 2009

Well said Meganne. I noted a short while ago comments on a site that many of their designs did not stitch out well... but eager people are still listing the frequent changes of free designs. I have stopped commenting on free designs. Some of the tips and advice here are brilliant and that it what I value Cute for. Your 'flower' comment is very true. Hope you are OK today

mad14kt by mad14kt 08 Jun 2009

Meganne I SURE want to HELP people ;D *2U

evajungermann by evajungermann 08 Jun 2009

Excuse me- when you get a flower your hint/tip/web-adress was helpful to a cutie- isn't it?
Or why do you give a flower? Just for reading a post?
I am very tight-fisted with donating them and very proud of every one I got.
What's wrong with that?

marjialexa by marjialexa 08 Jun 2009

Eva, some people seem to give flowers for the post just BEING there, not even reading it. I've seen posts asking for people to send them free designs they missed getting a whole bunch of flowers! Not everyone is as "tight-fisted" with flowers as you and I are. I give them when they are truly deserved, not just because someone typed a post. You're right, it should be because it was helpful, and those are deserved. But that's not what everyone does. Hugs, Marji

meganne by meganne 10 Jun 2009

Thanks Marji, you expressed just what my chemo fogged brain couldn't quite find the right words to.

Flowers should be for saying thank you for helping, when they are deserved.

Anyone can post freebie links, not everyone is willing to take the time necessary to help explain something to other cuties who have real problems.

And I just hate it when these posts for help get lost among the myriad posts for freebies, especially the "group" reminder freebies as group members all receive email reminders anyway.

The sooner Miss V takes all this in hand the better.

hugs n much love, M

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 10 Jun 2009

It needs to be sorted, but the odd time when I have given a link it has just been for the sharing and caring.
I am sure this is the same for others too.
I am very sorry that some of you are moaning and groaning and not being helpful to people who bother and go to quite some trouble to do so and give us the links especially for the alphabets.
to give a link takes as long as giving advice I have found. Please feel blessed that we have kind and helpful people around us

tinfriend by tinfriend 10 Jun 2009

I have a PROBLEMS with my YAHOO Groups and NEVER get the YAHOO Group Reminders so I go to ALL my Groups on a Regular Basis and CHECK to see what has been posted there - So I rely on the Cuties as well to let me know what has been posted or I will miss out as some designs are only up for a few DAYS and then are removed!

THAT is why I post the Yahoo Group Reminder Freebies - I return the favour in case someone else like me does not receive them OR perhaps forgets!

SO Sorry I care!!

by manami 08 Jun 2009

I find it difficult to leave Cute, as I consider part of my family, I learned so many wonderful things, and made great friends here. Just so sad this issue is unsolved yet, and like many, I hesitate on posting here, and how many times, I wrote long posts, and I deleted without submiting them. I love the Grafiau idea, it could be the solution for our well loved community! Also so thankful for Miss Veronika have created this beautiful place for us, but we need to feel comfortable and see everyone happy again.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 08 Jun 2009

Here, here good comment Yoriko

by grafiau 08 Jun 2009

I am a relative new comer to cute, and I too have posted freebies in general forum, not knowing any better. It was only when exploring cute I discovered Bookmarks, maybe to avoid the confusion, this link could be renamed to "freebies" "samples" or "comlimentary design links". Perhaps a members usage guide might also be useful, Cheers Ruth

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manami by manami 08 Jun 2009

Ruth, renaming the bookmarks section is a great idea! I hope something can be made soon so no one can get hurt anymore. Love, Yoriko

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Jun 2009

Thanks for this. I have stopped posting freebies anywhere. It is sad that people have stopped coming to Cute because of this. *

by shirlener88 08 Jun 2009

My dear - the sad thing is - the ones that need to read this will not - they are too busy posting freebies and links to other web sites to even notice. *4U

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mad14kt by mad14kt 08 Jun 2009


by lbrow 02 Jun 2009

Marji hit the nail on the head. *4U ewroland

by marjialexa Moderator 02 Jun 2009

Thanks for your support, many have given up and are silent permanently, having moved on to other forums. Hugs, Marji

manami by manami 03 Jun 2009

Unfortunatelly, that is true, Marji. After that incident, I think a lot before posting something on community here. It seems nothing has changed after that, still lots of ads of freebies and own websites. Hugs, Yoriko

toet by toet 03 Jun 2009

This is so sad,cute was always a happy place to be*