by tindo 30 May 2009

there was something jammed. i cleaned the machine and found a 2 inch length in the bobbin case. i finished the design in Coats Alcazar which is the usual thread i use . I was wondering if anyone else has used this brand and had trouble with it.


by mandor64 31 May 2009

I got a handful of 3 packs for $2.00 each some time ago at Spotlight too. I finally got to use it by embroidering some lace from Sue Box and had no problem whatsoever. Mary, *4U

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tindo by tindo 01 Jun 2009

I will try a sue box design with them and see if i have a problem thank you for your feedback

by grafiau 31 May 2009

I have had varied results with the La Sarta thread, there doesnt seem to be any consitancy in the quality, I did some FSL with a beautiful biege by them with no problems, but a red colour on a standard design bird nested and broke time after time, I have bought a set of six variegated which I have yet to use, it will be interesting I guess.

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tindo by tindo 01 Jun 2009

mmm the ones i bought were the "dusty pink" pk of 3 i tried them agian last night on a smaller design and slowed my machine to 400 and it sewed out ok. strange these cottons!!!!

by asterixsew Moderator 31 May 2009

Thanks to all for their replies, the brand of thread is one I have not come across but like Raels I use a wide selection and get excellent results

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tindo by tindo 01 Jun 2009

seems to me that some machines work with some threads better than others.

by raels011 31 May 2009

I have used it and had no problems. I use Robinson/anton, madiera, kingstar, dragon, janome, birch , ralman, iso cord and la sarta and I don't see a lot of difference. Do make sure I have good bobbin thread

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tindo by tindo 31 May 2009

Raeline i use coats, sulky, anton and i just thought i would buy la sarta to try, the first time i used it (yesterday) doing a zundt design it kept on breaking and shredding and my machine stopped to let me know something was jambed. today i did another rose by zundt, i slowed down the machine to 400 and it worked ok i love the shine it has. usually i use Rayon this is polyester...i did notice they had rayon in La Sarta but you had to buy a box of 12. thank you for your feedback.

by tindo 31 May 2009

a flower for each of you thank you for your feedback.

by moyed 31 May 2009
I bought a pack of size 11 from this website and have not had to change the brand of cotton. I do use LA Sarta and QA. With these needles no problems.

tindo by tindo 31 May 2009

you are very lucky QA shreds in my machine. using Janome 11 or 12 needles.

moyed by moyed 31 May 2009

The needles do make a huge difference. I can use any brand of threads now I have Organ needles

by moyed 31 May 2009

I use this thread and have had no probelms since changing to organ needles and a thread rack at the back of my machine.

tindo by tindo 31 May 2009

what is an organ needle????

asterixsew by asterixsew 31 May 2009

The make/name of manufacturer

by artyjan 31 May 2009

I have used this thread (rayon) a lot and not had a problem I usually use Guterman Sulky bobbin thread in the bobbin but have used the La Sarta Rayon thread top and bottom for some towels I did, again no problems.
I have a Janome 300e and embroider on a slow speed. I have had a couple of breaks but it was due to the thread falling of the cone and wrapping around the holder peg, solved that by standing the thread on the table top!

by meganne 31 May 2009

I refuse to buy cheap threads from Spotlight. I bought QA white rayon, 3 pack, and it has knots all through it plus it frays and breaks.
I will only buy Madeira and Robison Anton now. Both of those stitchout beautifully without any problems.

It is cheaper to buy good thread from the US than it is to buy here in AUS, and that includes taking into account the exchange rate and the postage.

Of course I look for specials at my favourite two online stores and I "make an offer" on items at ShoppersRule. But even without specials it is worth it to buy GOOD QUALITY threads and avoid the hassles the cheaper brand cause.

Just to prove my point, I have just finished stitching out TEN FSL lace ornament covers using RobisonAnton Rayon, with 220,982 stitches I had not one single break and I used the same Schmetz needle for the whole lot.

That's proof enough for me that using quality products pays off.

Hugs n roses, Meganne

sherylac by sherylac 31 May 2009

Hi Meg, yep I was given some QA brand , kept breaking etc, but, had no trouble with the La Sarta

toet by toet 31 May 2009

Thankyou for the links,how are you,i hope things are running well with you,i have had the all clear, well as close as what they will say. uou are always in my thoughts,take care.Heather

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by toet 31 May 2009

Hi i bought some from spotlight last week have not tried them yet,sometime ago i had a problem with some threads that i bought on sale there,i took in the embroidery to show them and the threads they were happy to replace the threads or give the money back,the towel was a mess so i cut that area off and made the rest into dust cloths. It is very disapointing to have this happen,when you use good name brand towels. Some time ago i bought a disk that most of the designs had faults, i emailed the designer and.. after quite a few emails she sent me out a disk that only had the format that i used at that time,better than nothing.

by sherylac 31 May 2009

I've had it and used it and no problems what so ever, and mine was Rayon, maybe try a different needle...

by 100pandas 30 May 2009

I use it, have had no problems.

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tindo by tindo 30 May 2009

i will give it another go. but i am a bit weary off it.

by lbrow 30 May 2009

That's a new one for me. Never have used it. *

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tindo by tindo 30 May 2009

it is really cheap so i can't expect to much from it i will give it another go. it is pack of 3 for $5.oo !!! but it is polyester and i usually use rayon.