by lexusblu 27 May 2009

I am looking for the SA Rugby logos: Blue Bulls, Lions, Sharks, Stormers

Can anyone help?


by airyfairy 01 Jul 2013

This post is four years old!!!!

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dennis999 by dennis999 01 Jul 2013

Doh! What a total dipstick I am!! Note to self: 1. Read the date of the post, 2. Go to Specsavers, 3. Try harder next

by tiger007 29 Jun 2013

I can help but I am looking for the rugby logos for baby rugby logos eg Sharks,Bulls, Cheaters etc.

by meganne 11 Jun 2012

While it is true that these sporting logo's would definitely be licensed to their respective clubs, SOMETIMES, if you write to them, they will give you permission to have them digitised for a specific ONE-OFF use, especially if they do not themselves sell embroidered club patches for people to buy and put on their own articles.

Chris Pennifold wrote to the Adelaide Crows, here in Australia, and received written permission for me to digitise their logo so she could put it on her Dad's memory quilt.

For anyone interested, I was told, by several professional digitisers in the States, that the going rate to digitise a logo is $50 USD.

Perhaps if you can't buy licensed designs to embroider, you could write to each club and see if they sell embroidered patches.

Hugs n roses, Meganne

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dennis999 by dennis999 29 Jun 2013

Hi Meganne. Wonderful to see you.

by sussieduck 11 Jun 2012

I am looking for a bull bull logo for rugby please

by tinfriend 27 May 2009

I heard of a lady in Johannesburg that had digitized a couple of the well known South African Rugby Logo's and was selling items with these designs! She received a Lawyer's letter stating that Legal Action was going to be taken against her for Copyright Infringement! She stands to lose her home etc!

Not worth the trouble to mess with Copyright issues!

by cutegirl 27 May 2009

It is true what the Cuties say, I had the baby sharks logo done on a babys bib and I was told to remove it from my store or I will be in trouble, I had to stop making them thought my customers ask me for it, I do not make them anymore. So be carefull when it comes to Copyright Designs, they are not safe to use unless you have special permission and you have to go tru alot of redtapes to get one. It is not worth all the trouble.

by castelyn 27 May 2009

Hi Lexusblu, welcome to cute,
see you got an answer from Sandie - Tinfriend

by shirlener88 27 May 2009

You could check with Dakota Collectibles or Amazing Designs - both sites have lots of mascots. *4U

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by tinfriend 27 May 2009

As far as I know these are Copyright Designs and you won't find them on any sites as Freebies nor will you be able to buy them as they would be Illegal!

They belong to the various Rugby Unions! You would have to obtain their Permission in writing to use these designs legally!