by tindo 26 May 2009

designs and pattern for making the book...such as size and instructions ... in or out of the hoop designs will do. I would really be greatful if anyone can help me.

By the way I have a new grandson born 2 weeks ago...little Brodie Jet...and i do mean little...he is so tiny.
well i am glad to be back and now can start sewing and embroidering again.


by debleerl 27 May 2009

Thanks for asking, I've been wanting to do one for my GD. I'll mark this for future reference.

Congrats on the new GS and glad you're feeling better.

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tindo by tindo 28 May 2009

thank you debleerl the starbird site has a great project sheet. thanks to nikki for the help.

by clawton 27 May 2009

Glad you are feeling better. Looks like you got lots of help here. Good luck!

by embroiderynikki 27 May 2009

Please scroll down below on the projects page for the story books:

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tindo by tindo 28 May 2009

thank you nikki great ideas for books on this site

by shirlener88 26 May 2009

Marlene - so sorry that you have been ill - we are glad that you are feeling better now - I see you have plenty of info - if you haven't totally made up your mind - Emblibrary has one - one sale until tonight - I have seen others - but can't think of them off the top of my head - CONGRATULATIONS on the new GS. *4U Shirlene

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tindo by tindo 28 May 2009

thank you shirlener not 100% yet but on the way. i am enjoying my new grandson. was hoping for a girl but it looks like i am blessed with boys...i have one son only and he has 3 sons....looks like i will have to look for everything blue and male....

by tindo 26 May 2009

Thank you to all the cuties who gave me ideas for making kids fabric books. great ideas!!!

by jofrog2000 26 May 2009

Congratulations! Quick, check out Molly Mine, she has a special sale on her books right now, I just got 4-5 of them to make for my newsest GS, Landon. She has some super designs.

by dlmds 26 May 2009

I know CassandraEmbroideryCom. has designs for books. H&*.

by mad14kt 26 May 2009

I am happy that you are feeling better. Enjoy being CREATIVE ;D *2U

by tolgamum 26 May 2009

Sounds like you've been given heaps of ideas here tindo. Another twist on the alphabet animals designs is to use the Numbers, either from the fonts that include 0-9, or applique your own larger numbers free-hand drawn. I usually add 2 cherries or 4 buttons etc. and add the hand-drawn and then appliqued, cherries or buttons or whatever. Hope this gets your creative juices charged. Just make them bright colours and they'll be a hit. Cheers!

by lflanders 26 May 2009

Mary Britt has some book pages(just Plain) on her pnw yahoo group site. I do not know if this will help you but you could take a look and see if you could use them. Linda

sbott54 by sbott54 27 May 2009

Mary Britt also has darling books on her Web site. Her designs always stitch out so lovely. Please check out her site at

tindo by tindo 28 May 2009

thank you for the site

by mops Moderator 26 May 2009

I made a few, some of them out of remnants of fleece. Chose fun designs and sewed those two pages wrong side together, then used pinking shears (or one of those fancy rotary blades). I bound them together by punching holes with a perforator and laced the pages together. With other fabrics I serge the pages right sides facing. In both cases I make them 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 inches.
Design by Sick had an in the hoop page free some time ago, with a Xmas design, which I used with designs of my own choice, but the pages are only 4 x 4 inch.

by jrob Moderator 26 May 2009

I don't remember the designer, but at Oregon Patchworks there is a designer who has done several books. You could go there and do a "book" search and maybe that will help.
P.S. Welcome back to the land of the well.;)

by bikermomfl 26 May 2009

Well I've made bunches of this type of thing, you can either buy 'books' at Walmart or your fabric shop then cut em out, quit em, and sew together or make your own. I've used some of our 'cuter' (pun intended) alphabets that show A - Alligator and stitched em up 2 to a page and then put them in book order, I've found that by using my serger all the way around the edges it will handle washing and throwing better. Have fun......

by raels011 26 May 2009

I have made a few cloth books for the grandkids. I make each page about 8 inch (20 cms) square. One I did with calico I did embroidered each page with the ABC's and then with right sides together I stitched around leaving enough room to turn them in the right way. Put all the pages together and bound them with ribbon. Another one I did with with a little zip, velcro, buttons & button holes, shoelace on each page with a design to teach them to tie, button up ETC I have done some with felt but they don't wash as well as the material ones