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by ewroland 23 May 2009

At last I have a finished towel to post.

Although I have been stitching for over a year now, I still learn new things with each project.

I used Sulky Sticky stabilizer and then a sheet of medium weight solvy on the top.

The design is from Cassandra - Birthday Towel Topper set.

We're at our condo in Myrtle Beach for the holiday weekend and I brough both my embroidery machines as I need to make 12 towels for mailing on Tuesday.

One machine was chugging right along, and I started stitching on the other machine. When it came to a color change, I went back to the first machine, and the solvy had gotten caught in the pressure foot. I got it un-tangled but when I started the next color it didn't stitch in the right place, so I ruined one towel. Oh well, I'll just it in the kitchen myself.

On the next one, I had a roll of painters tape so I taped the sulky solvy on top securely so the film would not get caught.

Yea! Success is sweet - that's working great.


by michelej 24 May 2009

Nice work!!

by lbrow 23 May 2009

A nice tip u have given us here. I love walking the beaches too much to sew when I'm there though. the towel looks great. *

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ewroland by ewroland 23 May 2009

Our property is in a resort area as I don't like the sand on the beach.
I have brought my machines down here before as I can stitch and not lay around watching TV

by designgirl 23 May 2009

It looks great.

by shirlener88 23 May 2009

Eugina, this looks wonderful - you are busy and getting them all done and in the mail is a chore - keep working - this is great that you figure out how to keep the solvy steady for you - a basting around the outside of the hoop would have worked as well. Enjoy some of your holiday! *4U

by vixentlc 23 May 2009

Ewroland, it looks lovely!

by castelyn 23 May 2009

Looks great,well done *4U

by mysew1325 23 May 2009

great idea with the painter's tape.. nice design.. good work..