Colors: 6 


Design #: 2835914
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 3.78"(w) x 3.74"(h)
Size (mm): 96 x 95
Stitches: 5100
Colors: 6 Color Chart: View | Print
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Pircy by Pircy 18 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely design

corine by corine 13 Aug 2011


joyce05 by joyce05 12 Aug 2011

What a great useful applique. WOW. Thank you.

justonlyme by justonlyme 12 Aug 2011

This may sound silly, but this would be perfect to patch a hole in a garment, blanket or what have you. Or it would be a great quilt block or anything else imaginable. Thank you!!

momofeight by momofeight 12 Aug 2011

Thank You

mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 12 Aug 2011

Thank you.

joked by joked 12 Aug 2011

Thanks lovely

starlizard by starlizard 12 Aug 2011

Thank you!

rw9340 by rw9340 20 Jun 2011

thank you

mariya159 by mariya159 20 Jun 2011

Thank you

mariya159 by mariya159 20 Jun 2011

Thank you

gatorlady61 by gatorlady61 20 Jun 2011

Thank you.

mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 20 Jun 2011


chennin by chennin 20 Jun 2011


chennin by chennin 20 Jun 2011


robinbird by robinbird 18 Feb 2011

Such a nice applique design.Thanks for the work to share it.:~D

markus by markus 18 Feb 2011

Thank you

gigimaus by gigimaus 18 Feb 2011

Thank you

sewdeb by sewdeb 18 Feb 2011

Thank you for this wonderful site!

thocha by thocha 18 Feb 2011

Thank you so much. Can't wait to use it

windsong1 by windsong1 18 Feb 2011

Thank you.

raphael by raphael 21 Jan 2011

très jolie

joann7657 by joann7657 20 Jan 2011

thank you

sabel by sabel 20 Jan 2011

thank you

windsong1 by windsong1 20 Jan 2011

Thank you.

sewdeb by sewdeb 20 Jan 2011


gigimaus by gigimaus 20 Jan 2011

Thank you

mirentxu by mirentxu 20 Dec 2010

muy original gracias

craftinan by craftinan 20 Dec 2010

Thank you

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 20 Dec 2010


shilly by shilly 20 Dec 2010

Very pretty;versatile n lovely.TU.

ladyboo by ladyboo 20 Dec 2010


sewdeb by sewdeb 20 Dec 2010

Beautiful design! It reminded me of a tropical island. Thank you!

castelyn by castelyn 26 Oct 2010

Thanks so much for this lovely design.

omasimmons by omasimmons 25 Oct 2010

Thank you for the beautiful design.

trudyk by trudyk 25 Oct 2010

Just by changing the colors, you can make this look like a complete different Ornament. Or it can be used for any other project as well. Thank you for this pretty design!!..Trudy

embroideryfun by embroideryfun 25 Oct 2010

Thank you! I hope this is block #1 of many to come. These would be fun on Christmas stockings!!

shilly by shilly 25 Oct 2010

What a beautiful design; would be equally stunning as a tree ornament or quilt block. TU:-)

kalinelson by kalinelson 25 Oct 2010

Interesting and pretty...thanks so much.

sewdenise by sewdenise 25 Oct 2010

Thank you.

hennypenny by hennypenny 25 Oct 2010

thank you again

gigimaus by gigimaus 25 Oct 2010

Thank you

ladyboo by ladyboo 24 Oct 2010


moyed by moyed 04 Jun 2010

Thank you

jacquipaul by jacquipaul 04 Jun 2010

Thank you for this lovely design. It is stunning.

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 04 Jun 2010


sewdenise by sewdenise 03 Jun 2010

Thank you, very pretty.

kalinelson by kalinelson 03 Jun 2010

Very nice....thanks so much.

sabel by sabel 03 Jun 2010

thank you so much

zzcro by zzcro 03 Jun 2010

Thank you

ejtads by ejtads 03 Jun 2010

Thank you

ladyboo by ladyboo 03 Jun 2010


sewingnonni by sewingnonni 03 Jun 2010

Thank you!

debcarlson by debcarlson 03 Jun 2010

thanks so much

jesus4gives by jesus4gives 03 Jun 2010

I love it!!

corinney by corinney 31 Jan 2010

thank you

teresanta by teresanta 25 Jan 2010

thank you

havingfun by havingfun 25 Jan 2010

Thank You!!

sigrun by sigrun 24 Jan 2010

Takk fyrir.

mylli by mylli 24 Jan 2010

es una maravilla,muchas gracias...

janinkap by janinkap 24 Jan 2010


may1 by may1 10 Oct 2009

thank you love your designs :P

bouchra by bouchra 10 Oct 2009

thanks !!!

a1lotte by a1lotte 10 Oct 2009


rkreshak by rkreshak 25 Sep 2009

I bet this would look great in blues,white and silver, I think it would look like a snowflake. Thank you for the nice design.

ivanice by ivanice 05 Sep 2009


rodrigues by rodrigues 04 Sep 2009

merci beaucoup

mammavenere by mammavenere 04 Sep 2009


fawziclub by fawziclub 04 Sep 2009

Such beautiful designs.I am so glad I visited today and even bought the Bows pack.It is my first visit and I loved it.THANK YOU.Fawzia

rodrigues by rodrigues 16 Jun 2009

merci beaucoup

minirose by minirose 16 Jun 2009

Beautiful, thank you!

kraai by kraai 16 Jun 2009


nick by nick 16 Jun 2009

Beautiful, beautiful design

a1lotte by a1lotte 31 May 2009

Thank you

minirose by minirose 30 May 2009

Nice design, thank you

ildiko by ildiko 30 May 2009


cougar64 by cougar64 30 May 2009

neat design thankyou for all you do

gg2009 by gg2009 30 May 2009

Thank you .. nice design.

anniem by anniem 22 May 2009

Thank you -- very pretty!

ldbdisenos by ldbdisenos 21 May 2009

Bello. bello. bello!!!!!!

wilder by wilder 21 May 2009

thank you

damaris by damaris 21 May 2009

thank you

minirose by minirose 21 May 2009


ndell by ndell 21 May 2009

very cute thanks

giddygoat by giddygoat 20 May 2009


jnadege by jnadege 20 May 2009

ohhhh il est très beau

lyn4 by lyn4 19 May 2009

Thank you!

daisy530 by daisy530 19 May 2009

Thank you so much. Can't wait to use it!

anniem by anniem 19 May 2009

Thanks for the lovely Design!

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 19 May 2009

it is very nice thanks.

redhead by redhead 19 May 2009

very pretty ty

luiginadg by luiginadg 19 May 2009

thank you

sandralochran by sandralochran 19 May 2009

thank you

gg2009 by gg2009 19 May 2009

Thank you.

designgirl by designgirl 19 May 2009

Thank you

megetflot by megetflot 19 May 2009

Thank you!

davidenko by davidenko 19 May 2009

Thank you. This is beautiful.

tinfriend by tinfriend 19 May 2009

LOVE this design - Thank you so very much!!

cnenette3 by cnenette3 19 May 2009

merci beaucoup!!

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 19 May 2009

Baie baie dankie!!! Beautiful colourful design ideal for small quilt designs.

mops by mops 19 May 2009

Thank you for this nice design.

mad14kt by mad14kt 19 May 2009


maggiepf by maggiepf 19 May 2009

Beautifull design, Thanks.

roslyn by roslyn 19 May 2009

thank you. It looks fantastic

dixie by dixie 19 May 2009

Thank You This is beautiful

tolgamum by tolgamum 18 May 2009

Lovely! I hope you will continue this theme it would make a lovely set of quilt blocks. Thank you very much.

sewingerr by sewingerr 18 May 2009


dailylaundry by dailylaundry 18 May 2009

Isn't this a pretty design!!!

slovenka by slovenka 18 May 2009


sueffb1 by sueffb1 18 May 2009

What a beautiful design. Not sure where I am going to use this---but I will use it somewhere. Thank you for all your wonderful designs and this awesome site. Sue

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