by jules40 17 May 2009

did anyone know of a free coversion program to change format rar to jef, pes or similer thanks


by tig2mom 17 May 2009

Rar has a 40-day free trial. After trying it, I was so pleased at the speed, I bought it. Their web site is a little confusing to me but I downloaded trial from If you have a computer knowledgeable friend it would be nice to have their input. Good luck

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michele921 by michele921 17 May 2009

I had tried that one and did not want to pay so found this other one for free no 30 day trial just cannot rezip which is ok by me I only wanted to open the files I love the way it works

by michele921 17 May 2009

RAR is a winzip type file you need to DL a program for opening it here is a site you can DL one for free
this will allow you to open them but you can not rezip them for free.

by sorval 17 May 2009

yes you need ZIP for that gr sonja