by angelmakes3 17 May 2009

I don't think it is fair, that Yoriko can not post her website! Take a look at all the free designs she has given us. I would like to know how many agree. If I am out voted, then I will shut-up.


by celticlady1031 17 May 2009

OMG!!!! Is or was someone at it again? I think I must be in my own little world since I keep missing this stuff. Can't say I'm sorry I miss it either. Maybe Yoriko could be coaxed to put her site in Bookmarks.

by aviesel 17 May 2009

Yoriko's choice to stop posting has much to do with honor...she is honorable and will not offend.

But, just a suggestion, there is nothing stopping a Cutie who follows Yoriko's site from posting Yoriko's site changes.

by judez66 17 May 2009

This post has nothing at all to do with Yoriko, she has definitely given much to all of us. It was her choice to not post her site any longer and not a denial from this site. Yoriko has a business as a lot of other folks that post their site here. Keep in mind this is a business too. The cost is maintained by this business. I can only give a reference as to what I have been in business doing in the past. Restaurants, I would NOT like a hot dog stand opening up on the sidewalk outside the front door of my hamburger shop. I would have a lot of expenses to do business, he buys a cart. As a customer you don't quite understand, you just want to eat, especially if it is made simple for you. Veronica has been more than considerate to allow other business owners to list their site's on her forum space. This only came up when someone complained about personal things being posted in a area they didn't think it should be posted. That is my 2 cents and sorry for the rant. But Yoriko was not asked to not post, I believe it was her choice to not post. Bookmark her site and make a visit there regularly.

Judy Mc

aviesel by aviesel 17 May 2009

You have a point about this being a business and it costing for the upkeep. The bottom line is that many of the ladies who come here buy memberships from Veronika. If those same people stop coming here because they are offended by the disagreements that happen in this forum, Verokia can lose customers and money. Frankly, it is in her best interests to foster "competition" so to speak because if you would notice that most embroidery web sites have links to their competition. It generates more hits/more sales.

judez66 by judez66 17 May 2009

very good point made aviesel. IMHO I think folks that use a site should just use it best they can and want and keep their mouths shut. PERIOD!!! All this has done is upset a very talented and giving lady and may have disappointed and upset a few others.

Judy Mc

by gerryvb 17 May 2009

I think this is a misunderstanding.and of course is everybody happy with Yoriko!!

by marjialexa Moderator 17 May 2009

It is not "illegal" for Yoriko (Manami) to post the free designs on her site! Sheesh! If everybody in the world can post every freebie in the known universe here, why not our own digitizers for their own sites? Who better to advertise what they have on offer than our own Cuties? Nobody 'told' Yoriko she can't post her site, nobody CAN do that except Veronika, who owns this site. A comment was made that Yoriko took as personally directed towards her, whether it was or not I don't know. She chose to not talk about her site anymore. I for one dearly wish she would change that choice, because if we should be doing anything at all it would be to encourage those Cuties who have worked so hard learning to digitize, set up their own sites, and we should be patronizing them first. That's my opinion on Yoriko's site, and I do hope she changes her mind.

Now, the discussion this originated from was one on posting freebies here. There are a lot of us that are tired of 6 pages of nothing but freebies when we sign in. If EVERYONE would read the tutorial on HOW to post freebies in the DESIGN category, we could use the "sort" function of the website to not have to read every one till we want to. That's all that has been asked of posters, and every time it is it creates a big flap and someone gets hurt, first Maria and now Yoriko. You are all adults, please just follow the guidelines without acting like a child who's just had a favorite toy taken away and throwing a tantrum. Nobody said you "can't" do anything, you can play all you want!! Just please follow the guidelines, and put posts in the relevant place.
I do sincerely love you all, Marji

angelmakes3 by angelmakes3 17 May 2009

OK I used the wrong word (illegal) Sorry. I have no problem following rules & posting things in the right place. I just think it is a shame that she feels she she can't post her sight any more. I have coming here for many months now, but very seldom post anything & since I have seemed to upset so many, I will just go back to reading & getting designs. Sorry

aviesel by aviesel 17 May 2009

I applaud your support of Yoriko and personally, you've said something that you felt in your heart needed saying. There will never be 100% agreement on anything or how to do things...there is no forum moderator so don't be surprised when you get a reaction that may or may not agree with what you say.

by shadoe 17 May 2009

I think that maybe their are one to many busy bodies out their.With out a life and is miserable and wants everyone else to be miserable to.Nice if they would move on./Shadoe

by kathyjt 17 May 2009

I don't understand what going on. I think Yoriko is great love her site and she has gave us so many wounderful freebies.

by jatteam 17 May 2009

someone should have kept her mouth shut! i quit donating designs to sewforum cause of some big mouth so i do understand her postition, altho her designs would always be welcomed as far as i'm concerned!!!

by haskins 17 May 2009


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angelmakes3 by angelmakes3 17 May 2009

someone made a comment, it was illegal to do so. so now she isn't going to any more