by gayle950 15 May 2009

Is there any special way to use sticky stabiliser. My thread kept breaking while I was using it but was ok on other stabiliser. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


by debleerl 16 May 2009

I have only used the sticky stabelizers from Floriani, and have never had a problem. What kind are you using?

gayle950 by gayle950 17 May 2009

I boubht this one off ebay as I don't have any shops close. It was called Reuseable stickdown embroidery backing Neschmet. Where do you get the Floriani from.

debleerl by debleerl 18 May 2009

I get it from my dealer. You can check at

gayle950 by gayle950 25 May 2009


by gayle950 16 May 2009

thanks for the help. thought it was something I was doing wrong

by shirlener88 16 May 2009

gayle950, sorry - I do not use it myself - as it would do the same thing for me - as it is doing for you - if there is a way to use if - I have not heard - good luck dear. *4U

by manami 16 May 2009

I got a iron-on powder from Japan, it works wonderful, no problem with the needle sticking and breaking threads. I couldnt find that product in Australia yet. Hugs,Yoriko

by marjialexa Moderator 16 May 2009

If I need something stuck down, I use either the Floriani wet-n-stick cutaway, or the 505 spray on whatever stabilizer I need. I've just always heard those sticky ones gum up the needles, etc, so stayed away from them. Maybe I was right about something for once, hee hee hee. Hugs, Marji

by angelmakes3 16 May 2009

Thank-You for asking this. I was going to get some of this & try it, but now will try the one you dampen!

marjialexa by marjialexa 16 May 2009

Yeah, and do follow the directions! "Dampen" is the operative word here, hee hee hee. I wet mine pretty good, stuck it on, and after it was dry was considering dynamite to remove the excess from the sweatshirt, hee hee hee. Yes, it does stick some! Hugs, Marji

gerryb by gerryb 16 May 2009

Hee hee! I forgot to mention that! You are SO right! I usually wait until it feels sorta sticky before I put my material on it. BUT if you can't get it off, wet it again and work on it. Actually I dip my fingers in a cup of water & run them over the stuff & that seems to be enough.

by gerryb 16 May 2009

Several brands are so sticky they REALLY gum up the needle. I use a type that you dampen, then stick your item to it...that seems to work fine. Have also used a titamium (which I am sure I have misspelled!)needle and that also helps.

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angelmakes3 by angelmakes3 16 May 2009


by mysew1325 15 May 2009

I use to use it alot but it also gummed up the needle and thread broke and caused problems for my machine.. now I use Florian iron on tear away.. cost more but no problems

by cracker 15 May 2009

I don't use it so I don't know. A friend of mine had the some problems with it though. She turned the speed down and that seemed to help.
sorry I couldn't be more helpful