by superfroggirl 07 May 2009

the white bobbin thread is showing on top!! but it didnt before.. i have posted many projects and it was working!! then suddenly it doesnt want too!! so i took my machine back and showed them it still wasnt working.. they kept it over night and i went back to get it and they are saying that it is a problem with the thread!! I told them it worked before and they said.. they don't know... it works with the thread they have so it works!!

I brought it home and am testing it.. and it just wont work!! I dont know what to do!! I have been using my machine and this thread for at least 6months no problem.. I have 120 colours and they just wont work!! any suggestions or opinions???
thank you for listening to me rant!!


by jasanne 14 May 2009

You mentioned it works with thread spools but not thread cones. Sounds like it could be how it is spooling off the cone? I've put a link where I answered someone with something I did which fixed my problems.

Hoping you have already figured it out anyway.

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 14 May 2009

I will check it out when i get it back tomorrow!! It did work before.. I do have a thread stand that i am using.. but i will for sure post again and hopefully it works!! Thanks!!

by debleerl 14 May 2009

I'm bringing this ttt because I'm curious if you found the problem with your machine.

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 14 May 2009

it is still at the shop!! I am getting it back tomorrow!!! I will post on how it went!! thank you!! **

by gerryb 08 May 2009

In reference to working with the spools, but not cones of thread. Sit that cone on the table in front of the machine, run it up & through something if you have it (like that thread takeup thingy, or I have run it thru the latch hole in the lid that comes down over the thread area, leaving the lid up, of course!) and the thread seems to work off the cone that way. Worth a try. But I really think the repairman has messed the whole tension thing up! Hang in there!!

by debleerl 08 May 2009

Almost everything has been said. I think all of the adjusting has your tensions messed up. One more thing to check when this problem appears suddenly. Check the thread spool and path to see if the thread is hanging up on something. A tiny bit of plastic flashing or a small burr can cause the thread to feed wrong. I use RA thread and some of the spools have a snap ring on the bottom to hold the end of the thread when not in use. If I forget to close it the thread will wrap in it and pull. Also, use an emory board to file down the bits of plastic flashing so the thread doesn't catch on them.

by gerryvb 08 May 2009

these things can make you very angry when they does not work, but very happy when the result is good.hope yours work good very soon again

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 May 2009

yes thank you!! I hope so too!!

by sueffb1 08 May 2009

Superfrog, I had the same thing happen to me. Boy was it frustrating. But, it turned out to be the spool of thread I was using. Had used this spool of thread before but, for some reason this spool decided not to work anymore. I almost felt like it had something on the thread. (still do not know why) But when I changed to another color everything worked well, I put that spool back on and it did the "bad" thing again. I noticed when that spool was used you could gently pull on the thread and it would not pull smoothly through the needle. It is still a mystery. Good luck I know that can really drive you "crazy". Sue

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 May 2009

yes it is frustrating!! I have tried about 8 different colours!!! same thing is varying badness!!

by marjialexa Moderator 08 May 2009

What is so different about the brand of thread you're using that they would have to 'recalibrate' the machine to use it? That just doesn't sound right. White thread is showing because the tension on top is too tight, or bobbin too loose or some combination of both. Something happened to make it do this, so when you go to the dealer, take your bobbins, your thread, your needles, etc. Make the machine do the 'bad' thing right in front of them, and then start changing things ***one at a time*** until it gets good. Don't change more than one thing, because then you won't know which was the cause. I.e., sewing bad design, don't change any settings, just put a different spool of thread on top, see if it changes AT ALL. Then put your thread back on top, change to their bobbin, see if it changes. It may end up being a combination of things, but if you test each thing individually, you might see how each contributes to the problem. Hope I'm explaining it right. As Jerrilyn said, machines don't just develop allergies to thread, **something** changed! Good luck and hugs, Marji

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 May 2009

thank you!! It is under warrenty so it does not cost me anything.. thankfully!!
I was there with him as he adjusted the thread tansion, and the bobbin tension.. and it only made it worse!! I am fiddling with it until i can take it back!! it works with spools of thread and doesnt want to work with my cones of thread!! I am trying to reamain positive!! thanks!!

by amazinggrace 08 May 2009

Hi, I had similar problems until I realised that my machine won't work with anything other than Isacord - I'm in the U.K.- and I also use a specialised bobbin thread. The top thread is on a separate thread stand allowing it come off vertically, not horizontal but I was still getting problems until I realised there was a small amount of thread caught between the tension discs. The machine had to be taken apart to remove it, also the bobbin area was very clogged with fluff. I now use a size 14 (90) needle, blow out the bobbin area every time I finish an article and put in one layer of stabilizer for every 10,000 sts. Advised I've picked up from the lovely, helpful ladies on this site. Good Luck, there's nothing worse than a machine that won't work!

superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 May 2009

yes the cuties on this site are always very helpful!! I have done the above.. and the repair man has done the above... i just dont know... i think they are just going to have recalibrate it again to my thread!!

amazinggrace by amazinggrace 08 May 2009

That's drastic! And expensive. Don't give up yet, go and get a coffee and come back fresh later, you never know, something just might "click" with you.

by jasanne 08 May 2009

Any chance of seeing a different technician. I confess last time I took my Janome in to be serviced it came back doing the same thing, so even though it cost me more I took it across to the guy who used to all the Janome work and got him to check the tension and it works fine now.
I can't see how the problem is the thread if it worked OK BEFORE they serviced it. It has to be a setting they have changed. At least to my logical way of thinking.

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 May 2009

I don't know if there is anyone else to take it too.. i should call around!! I am giving them one more chance though today to try to recalibrate it to this thread.. and see what it does!!

by waterlily 07 May 2009

I feel for you! I know how frustrating that can be. I had to dispose of about 60 spools of thread that my machine just did not like. It ticked me off to "throw away" the money that thread cost me. But it was a much better option than being frustrated to tears every time I embroidered.

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 May 2009

i am almost at that throw away point!! but what is the frustrating part is that it used to work!! then one day it just decided not to.....

by lbrow 07 May 2009

Anytime I have taken my machine n I take the project that it messed with me. I also take the threads(several spools. I then get him to set machine up & tell him "Let me show u what it is doing" using my thread. He sees I watch as he takes it apart & get him to show me what he is doing. I've got where I'm brave enough to take mine apart & clean & fix a few thingsbut wouldn't advise it unless the repairman has shown u how. Mine had to go back to factory last yr. close to christmas & I've had no problems since. It will sew with just about any of the threads. It doesn't like sulky threads but I've learned how to get around that, it's all in how the thread comes off the spool. Good luck I certainly know how frustrating it can b. *4U

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 May 2009

yes i will be taking several spools in this time!! as it does it with every colour!!

by shirlener88 07 May 2009

Stacey, good luck dear one - I can't add anything here - that hasn't been said - but I can give you a *

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 May 2009

thanks!! **

by jasanne 07 May 2009

try changing just the bobbin thread. With my Janome it is really fussy about bobbin thread. Not so fussy with the embroidery thread.

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 07 May 2009

I tried.. still nothing!!

by nurselilly 07 May 2009

I found when i took my machine for its first service the guy told me he had adjusted the tension to the bobbin thread i use and as my machine came with a spare bobbin case that is adjustable should i change the bobbin thread.When my machine brought the bobbin thread up i was told to go through these things
1) check the bobbin is not unravelling the wrong way and flip it over then rethread the machine
2)it may be caused by hooping or float another peice of stabilizer underneath
3) try using the same thread top and bottom even if you wind white embroidery thread and use in the bobbin or rewind a new bobbin.
4)Clean under the bobbin as the case collects furries and lifts the bobbin case up
5) change to a new needle
I did all of this and mine sorted itself out but mine didnt just come back from a service as yours did i hope that i have been of some help to you if not take it back with new needle in situ and newly wound bobbin thread and ask them to test it infront of you i would
Good luck and you have a right to rant i would lol *4U

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 07 May 2009

I did all of the above and sat with the gentleman as he did them too!! maybe it is the thread.. but i just done see y it magically stopped working..... :(

by gerryb 07 May 2009

What machine & model? Our machines have become so computerized that SOME of the repairmen have trouble working on them!! If they can not solve your problem, ask it be sent to the manufacturer...yes, it will cost you a packing charge, probably, but at least you'll have a machine that will work! I agree with stork..go to the shop & have them stitch out a design with YOUR thread & bobbin. One of YOUR designs that is messing up. But stay there. Can't take all that long to stitch out a design and for them to see it DOES have a problem.

superfroggirl by superfroggirl 07 May 2009

its a pfaff smart 300e!! I did use my thread, my bobbin, my design that i know works!! and it botched up.. he seen it.. he said he could recalibrate it so it works with that brand of thread but then it doesnt work with anything else...

katydid by katydid 07 May 2009

Always take in your project that messed up. I agree some repair men are "worthless".

by blhamblen 07 May 2009

It really sounds like a tension problem...Stay at the shop til it works the way you want/expect it to!! Call the Manufactures rep IF you don't get results...keep calling til YOU are Happy again!!!

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 07 May 2009

thank you!! I am going to call again in the morning!!

by stork 07 May 2009

I would go back with my machine and sit there in the shop with their(?) thread and start it doing a simple design...maybe then they will get the picture. Good luck I hope that it's fixed soon.

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 07 May 2009

I did and he seen the problem!! and he said they tried!! so i just dont know!!
It kinda works when the tension is set to 1.5 its supposed to be at 4!! thank you i hope so to!!

by ewroland 07 May 2009

Buy a spool of their thread and try it and then see what results you get.

My dealer will tell you also that thread is causing most of the problems.

Are you using the pre-wound bobbins and are they the same ones they are using when they test the machine?

Once I was having that same problem and I didn't have the correct bobbin in the machine.

superfroggirl by superfroggirl 07 May 2009

i have a couple of theirs and it works!! but mine it doesnt!! but it did!!

I am using pre-wound bobbins that i purchased from them as well... and they used almost a whole bobbin of mine testing it!!
So i am not sure.. i am trying it out with different colours and designs... ones that i know worked before!!

pattibeth by pattibeth 08 May 2009

I wind my own bobbins using 'lingerie & bobbin thread' made by YLI Corp. Never had a problem with it.

It may be your tension is too loose so machine is bringing bobbin thread to top of fabric. try increasing the tension just a notch at a time. very frustrating.

try diff weights of fabric and top thread and if all that fails - call the store where you bought it and take in the samples that didn't sew out correctly and show them a nd scream for help.

don't give up, keep trying, it will work out eventually...

by jrob Moderator 07 May 2009

Yikes, darlin! Machines aren't like people in that they can just develope an allergic reaction to something even though they have been eating it for 20 years! All I can suggest is take some of your projects done in the thread you have and say HERE, it worked, now make it work again! Call your customer service people, too at the manufacturer. Tell them what is going on.

superfroggirl by superfroggirl 07 May 2009

I took in some of my good work.. and the new bad work!! and they said they cant figure it out so it must be the thread! I will try calling the manufacturer and see what they say!!

marjialexa by marjialexa 08 May 2009

Yes, call the manufacturer. Repair people don't have the option of telling you they can't figure it out, unless they also DON'T charge you for their time. My dealer is fantastic, they don't charge for half the stuff they should charge for. That's why they have a loyal customer base. Keep at it, you'll get results eventually. M