by caydebug 02 May 2009

It's that time of year again. Our hummingbirds are back. They are just now coming back strong, last week we saw only 3 this week we've seen 10 at a time. Wanted to share them with you.


by shirlener88 03 May 2009

Great photo's!

by waterlily 02 May 2009

That's so cool! I have never seen a hummingbird. YOu are very fortunate to see so many of them.

by cracker 02 May 2009

I was just taking pictures of my hummingbird tonight. Brave little fellow. then the rain started. But with all the flowers and honeysuclke, wel'll have more soon. I just love them.
great pictures.
I buy the ready made nector, just add water. Guess I'd better stock up with all the feeders I've got.

by tippi 02 May 2009

I love to watch the hummingbirds. One year I visited my Mother in Missouri and sat out on the porch and was buzzed by at least a dozen of them. It was evening and they were all hungry.

by gerryb 02 May 2009

Love them! We have ONE coming to our feeder and he's such a bully! There can never be another one anywhere near "his" feeder! How DO you get such nice, polite hummers!!

by blhamblen 02 May 2009

GREAT Pics...I saw them for the first time on a vacation in California...but My Mom says they have them in upper Wisconsin tooo

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caydebug by caydebug 02 May 2009

We love our Humming Birds

by lyn4 02 May 2009

Please post another photo if you can when the rest arrive. We don't get these beautiful birds where I live (South Australia). I find them absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!!

caydebug by caydebug 02 May 2009

I will. We usually spend all summer taking pics of them. We begin with making approximately 6 to 8 cups of nectar a week for about the first month (thats 1 cup sugar to 3 cups of water). In July that will jump to maybe a gallon a week and sometimes more. I have seen my Dad use 20 lb of sugar every two weeks just on hummingbird food. There are 3 of us in the camp where we live who have atleast 3 feeders up all summer and we are constantly refilling them. My feeders hold 3 cups each so thats 9 cups a week for now. In July it will grow to 9 cups every other day. They eat like my grandkids lol.

brn2btl by brn2btl 02 May 2009

I do 4 parts water and 1 part sugar and I have them yearly. This will cut back on your sugar. However, this is the recipe I found in a magazine on them.

by ewroland 02 May 2009


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caydebug by caydebug 02 May 2009

Thank you.

by gg2009 02 May 2009

Thanks for sharing.

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caydebug by caydebug 02 May 2009

Your Welcome

by marymoore 02 May 2009

oh wow brings back memories thank u for sharing this my grannie loved humming birds we have them and woodpeckers and mountain blue birds wild finches lol the list could go on like blue jays cardinals

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caydebug by caydebug 02 May 2009

Yeah, we have most of them also. This year our Blue Jays are huge. I keep feeding socks out for the finches, also.

by caydebug 02 May 2009

This is just the begining. In a month or so there will be 40 to 50 at a time.