by lyn4 29 Apr 2009

Does anyone know where I can find a design of knitting needles & wool? I would like something to put on my 2 GD's Knitting Bags that I am making! Thank You.


by pennifold 01 May 2009

Great designs and lots of them in EmbroideryDesigns/com. Just type in Knitting.

Love and blessings Chris.

P.S. this is a fabulous site.

by sira 01 May 2009

In emblibrary is at least one design ...

by jjjj 01 May 2009

Nice Knitting needle and wool here - very good quality designs.

by legare 30 Apr 2009

see design kitten whit wool and needles

lyn4 by lyn4 30 Apr 2009

So Cute, I like the bag as well!!
Thank you!!

mops by mops 01 May 2009

Very cute kitten!

marlakay by marlakay 01 May 2009

Thanks - this one is cute! I might embroider this one as well. My daughter likes to knit and has a cat. She would love this design on a bag for her knitting. Can never have too many bags for your knitting projects! Thanks for sharing this site.

by blhamblen 30 Apr 2009

LQQK in Designs by Cuties...right here...her name is Penelope:) 2 different ones!!!

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lyn4 by lyn4 30 Apr 2009

Thank you!! I forgot about those!

by meganne 30 Apr 2009

Designsby Sick have some great redwork Knitting basket designs but they are listed under sewing baskets.
I tried to locate for you but it's a waste of time when they have one of their $1.00 per set sale days as they are having today, I just don't have the patience to wait for the page to load.

You can do a search for 'sewing' or 'jn' and you should find even some grannies that are knitting not sewing.
Good luck, if you get on there you can get whole sets for $1.00, so cheap.

OK the search result for SEWING finally came up while I was typing this message, so click on the link and you may be lucky.

A word of caution, don't buy DD designs as they are way too dense. JN Designs stitche out really well.
Hope this helps.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

lyn4 by lyn4 30 Apr 2009

Thank you!! I didn't end up with that one, but I picked up several others!! Who could resist at $1.00 a set?

meganne by meganne 01 May 2009

Yes it sure is a temjptation!!!! So far I've resisted, but still keep looking. LOL!!! Hnr, M

by marlakay 30 Apr 2009

Ann the Gran embroidery site has a design that has a basket with knitting needles and balls of yarn in it. It also says knit happens - which you could leave out of the design if you choose.

lyn4 by lyn4 30 Apr 2009

I must of been blind, I couldn't find that one. Thank you, for the help though!!

marlakay by marlakay 01 May 2009

Go to download designs then enter knit in the search. It is the only one that comes up.