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Design #: 26
Price: $1.00
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Size (in): 2.09"(w) x 2.17"(h)
Size (mm): 53 x 55
Stitches: 4000
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mouse animals
Pircy by Pircy 15 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely design

KlondikeKate by KlondikeKate 30 Jun 2016

why are all the really cute ones not in VP3?

Iricha by Iricha 09 May 2015

Смешной такой мышонок)))

highlandermom by highlandermom 19 Apr 2014

Thank you

raedonnal by raedonnal 21 Feb 2011

Thank You

hennypenny by hennypenny 20 Feb 2011

thank you

annie23 by annie23 20 Feb 2011

Nice. Thank you

mylli by mylli 20 Feb 2011

Thank you!

nannynorfolk by nannynorfolk 20 Feb 2011

Thank you very much

thocha by thocha 20 Feb 2011

I've been waiting for him !

holly12 by holly12 20 Feb 2011

Really cute. Thanks. Arlene

kalinelson by kalinelson 20 Feb 2011

Perfect for a cat stocking.....thanks so much.

markus by markus 20 Feb 2011

Cute thank you

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 20 Feb 2011

ah - so cute - thanks

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 20 Feb 2011

ah - so cute - thanks

sewdeb by sewdeb 20 Feb 2011

He's so cute! Thank you!

leighk by leighk 20 Feb 2011

Thank you

mads0116 by mads0116 20 Feb 2011


gigimaus by gigimaus 20 Feb 2011

Thank you

windsong1 by windsong1 20 Feb 2011

Thank you.

ullis by ullis 20 Feb 2011

Thank you

roslyn by roslyn 29 May 2010

Another Cutie

mariagiannina by mariagiannina 28 May 2010

Cute! Thank you!

sewingerr by sewingerr 28 May 2010

cute! thanks!!

bevy by bevy 28 May 2010

Very cute.thank you.

zzcro by zzcro 28 May 2010

Thank you

karink by karink 28 May 2010


phantomdsb by phantomdsb 28 May 2010

Thank You again for a very nice design!

iali by iali 28 May 2010

hello friendes perfi os outro embroiderys gostaria de saber se alguem poderia me passar por favor obrigado a todos meu (e-mail: [ Please not share your email ]) Brasil

fekla by fekla 28 May 2010

Thank you!

kuttage by kuttage 28 May 2010


catsnhorses by catsnhorses 28 May 2010

Cute mouse. Thank you!

ladyboo by ladyboo 28 May 2010


debcarlson by debcarlson 28 May 2010

cute! thanks

noune76 by noune76 28 May 2010


marciabrasil by marciabrasil 18 May 2010


teresanta by teresanta 27 Jan 2010

Thank you

frankie12 by frankie12 06 Nov 2009

Funny mouse, thank you from France.

denise49 by denise49 21 Aug 2009

Thank you much for this cutie.:)

harry33 by harry33 20 Aug 2009

Thank you

castelyn by castelyn 20 Aug 2009

Thanks so much for this cute, mouse

darenluan by darenluan 20 Aug 2009

Thank you!!

cinderoak by cinderoak 20 Aug 2009

how joyful! thank you!!

harmzen by harmzen 20 Aug 2009

very cute, thank you

misfit by misfit 20 Aug 2009

Thank you

carolvm by carolvm 20 Aug 2009

He's so cute. Thank you

darli by darli 20 Aug 2009

obrigado e lindo *ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU*

maryp1 by maryp1 09 Jun 2009

Thankyou. So cute!

roslyn by roslyn 09 Jun 2009

He's a "cutie" thank you so much

trudyo by trudyo 08 Jun 2009

Thank you he's cute

annatjievdw by annatjievdw 08 Jun 2009

What a cute little mouse. Thanks a lot.

sissibrode by sissibrode 08 Jun 2009

she's sooooooo cuuuuuuuttttttteeeeeeeee :o)

havingfun by havingfun 08 Jun 2009

Thank you

mmgreyhounds by mmgreyhounds 08 Jun 2009

Very cute! Thank you!

kraai by kraai 08 Jun 2009


michette by michette 05 Apr 2009

I have already asked you my password and has been sent a e-mail confirming it. Why cant i login with that password ? i want to buy a 6 montus membership (30% off )

patzee by patzee 15 Nov 2008

Gosh, he's so adorable! Thank you!

sandralochran by sandralochran 14 Nov 2008

Thank you

marietta by marietta 14 Nov 2008

This is too cute, thank you

bibbi2210 by bibbi2210 14 Nov 2008

Sehr schöne Maus, Dankeschön

gigimaus by gigimaus 14 Nov 2008

Thank you very much

ejtads by ejtads 14 Nov 2008

Thank you.

bunnylane by bunnylane 14 Nov 2008

thanks so cute

debbierussell by debbierussell 30 Jun 2008

sew cute thank you

macleay by macleay 30 Jun 2008

Thank you so much

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 30 Jun 2008

thank you

nowhere by nowhere 30 Jun 2008

finally Ive managed to capture the mouse he sure is cute


dgrammy by dgrammy 29 Jun 2008

cute mouse,thank you

a1lotte by a1lotte 29 Jun 2008

Thank you.

slovenka by slovenka 29 Jun 2008


designgirl by designgirl 29 Jun 2008

How cute Thanks

hunybear1 by hunybear1 29 Jun 2008

Thank you.

linghsueh by linghsueh 29 Jun 2008

thank you.

danita by danita 29 Jun 2008

Very cute mouse. Thanks.

lenamae by lenamae 29 Jun 2008

very cute thanks.

remko25 by remko25 29 Jun 2008

Bedankt voor het mooie muisje

wilder by wilder 29 Jun 2008

Thank you very cute design

auntbaba by auntbaba 18 Apr 2008

This is my favorite! This is the design that brought me to "Cute". He is just precious, especially his color!

blessinge by blessinge 13 Apr 2008

This little guy is adorable.
Thank you.

ruthlewis44 by ruthlewis44 13 Apr 2008

what a cute mouse

nurselilly by nurselilly 13 Apr 2008

thanx for this CUTE mouse and to all who voted 4 him 4 for me :)

debbierussell by debbierussell 13 Apr 2008

thank you its adorable

attardi by attardi 13 Apr 2008


blackie by blackie 13 Apr 2008

thankyou so very much for the beautiful and adorable diesgns - my stash has increas4ed tremendously since finding your site about 3 months ago - i have an emb machine for about 6 years now - and needed some fresh and new ideas and all you wonderful people

tolgamum by tolgamum 13 Apr 2008

He/she is a real sweetie. Thank you.

tmbache by tmbache 12 Apr 2008

"cute""cute""cute" Thank You

patzee by patzee 12 Apr 2008

Cute! Thank you.

chloe by chloe 12 Apr 2008

So cute my grandchildren will love him

zedna by zedna 12 Apr 2008

My grand-daughter will love it! Her favourite colour!

scorpion43 by scorpion43 12 Apr 2008


donnajw by donnajw 12 Apr 2008

Thank you

vicooska by vicooska 12 Apr 2008

So cute! Thank you!

slovenka by slovenka 12 Apr 2008


a1lotte by a1lotte 12 Apr 2008

thank you

bikermomfl by bikermomfl 12 Apr 2008

thank you - he's adorable

freida by freida 12 Apr 2008

thank you

missann by missann 12 Apr 2008

thank you this mouse is just adorable.

marys by marys 12 Apr 2008

gracias por este diseño y por los demas

wilder by wilder 12 Apr 2008

Thank you for the mouse and the "B". I really like this new alphabet.

grammalou by grammalou 12 Apr 2008

Thank you for such a cute and "NOSEY" little fella, Mary

gigimaus by gigimaus 12 Apr 2008

Cute, thank you

thumbie by thumbie 28 Feb 2008

So Cute, Thanks a lot!

dragonlady1 by dragonlady1 22 Jan 2008

I think he is a really cute mouse. Thanks for all the designs that you post for us.

nanastarforster by nanastarforster 22 Jan 2008

Ditto ditto - too cute

minirose by minirose 22 Jan 2008

Thank you for this nice mouse!

patv by patv 22 Jan 2008

So cute Thank you

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 22 Jan 2008

Luv dis mouse.....

codyestey by codyestey 22 Jan 2008

Thank you for the cute mouse

attardi by attardi 21 Jan 2008


sevels by sevels 21 Jan 2008


debbie45 by debbie45 21 Jan 2008

cute thank you

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 21 Jan 2008

he is soooo!!!!! cute thank you

guimon by guimon 21 Jan 2008

zeer mooi deze muis

littleperson by littleperson 21 Jan 2008

Thanks!for this cute critter.

elmsc by elmsc 21 Jan 2008

I've been waiting for him,
what a cute little guy! THANKS

naehfee by naehfee 21 Jan 2008

einfach zu niedlich danke

a1lotte by a1lotte 21 Jan 2008


hunybear1 by hunybear1 21 Jan 2008

How cute. I love the colors. Thank you.

freida by freida 21 Jan 2008

So cute, Thanks

armani by armani 21 Jan 2008

Such a cute mouse!! Thanks!!

luiginadg by luiginadg 21 Jan 2008

very nice mouse! thank you

auntbaba by auntbaba 16 Jan 2008

This is a great design. I made it in the same colors and put it on a light ash t-shirt so that the colors really "popped".
It is adorable!

wayne by wayne 15 Jan 2008

very cute

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 09 Aug 2007

Thanks again I already had him

codyestey by codyestey 09 Aug 2007

Cute design Thank you

joansmith by joansmith 09 Aug 2007

Thanks for the mouse

monique56 by monique56 09 Aug 2007

bedankt voor het muisje

mare by mare 09 Aug 2007

Too cute!

luiginadg by luiginadg 09 Aug 2007

lovely! Thanks

persiancatlover by persiancatlover 09 Aug 2007


sorval by sorval 09 Aug 2007

bedankt thanxs

carolynh by carolynh 09 Aug 2007


carola by carola 09 Aug 2007


ritageysen by ritageysen 09 Aug 2007

dank u

kalif by kalif 09 Aug 2007

thank you.

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 09 Aug 2007

He is just too cute!

sharib by sharib 09 Aug 2007

this is wonderful

juspeachy by juspeachy 08 Aug 2007

Very CUTE!!!

enynoij by enynoij 01 Apr 2007

he/she is very sweet!

codyestey by codyestey 31 Mar 2007

Love the mouse

sylvieschatz by sylvieschatz 31 Mar 2007

Sehr süß, danke!

stitchhappy by stitchhappy 15 Jan 2007

Absolutely adorable... too cute

silvina by silvina 01 Oct 2006

Love mice!!

nettiebavis by nettiebavis 01 Oct 2006

very cute

zreez by zreez 26 Sep 2006

he is gorgous

lcissom by lcissom 23 Sep 2006

what a cutie!

elliemay by elliemay 20 Sep 2006

a real cutie

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