by mysew1325 27 Apr 2009

I just finished this dress.. I cut it 14 years ago for my first granddaughter that is 16 now and swore I will make that silly dress.. the dress is all lined and the under-dress is all piped on the hem and the center front and the center back have 5 rows of elastic plus elastic in the top of the sleeve.. what a bear to make.. just because there was so much extra to do.. for a size 5 little dress.. this will be worn by my 4 11/12 year old granddaughter on her 5th birthday next month.. yea it is made.......and I will never make that pattern againnnnnnnn........... how many of you have UFO's


by migs 06 Oct 2009

really nice pattern, looks great (like the material)

by mariahail 06 Oct 2009

Tooked a little while, but it is very pretty!!!!!***

by dailylaundry 06 Oct 2009

This turned out so pretty!!! I know what you mean about some projects drive you crazy - I have had a few too!!! Gosh, but, you may have to make your first granddaughter something just to "even things out" - hehehe! 4U*

by dollygk 06 Oct 2009

Great that you finished it, will the new reciepitant actually wear it, now a days it's shorts and jeans. Very lovely work!!

by 10tje 29 Jun 2009

Very cute!!*

by simplyrosie 29 Jun 2009

Well I think you did a great job!

by lbrow 05 May 2009

Famous last words, never again, buuut the things we will do for our children & grand children. U know I really think that's why God makes grandmothers to do special things, & yes I have many ufos & guess what, mom has been dead now for many yrs, & every now & then I get out one of her many ufos & finish it up, passing it on to a grand or great grand of hers. *4U

by ezzemml 28 Apr 2009

love the dress and yes i have many a cut pierce ready to sew.only some of miene go back 20 odd years or more. Shame on me.

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 29 Apr 2009

check the pins.. they do rust..

by stickmuster 28 Apr 2009

My God, this is soooooooo pretty! Simply wonderful!

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 28 Apr 2009

thank you.. my granddaughter came over the other day and it was still not finished.. she will be surprised to see grandma finished it..

by daisy530 28 Apr 2009

I too have cut-out projects for my daughter, (since she was about that same age, who is now grown. I also have the old notions with the old prices on them. Boy, talk about inflation. There's hope for us and our UFOs! This is very cute.

by marlakay 28 Apr 2009

Very cute! She will love it I'm sure! I'd love to see a picture with her wearing it. You did a great job on it. It looks better than one that you could purchase from a store. I have some UFO's in my stash of sewing and craft stuff. I have stock piled alot of material over the last 20 years. I did part with a few pieces of my stash and donated some of it last year to a church who distributes to needy people in our area.

by sdbev 28 Apr 2009

Great job! It is really cute and now another grand daughter will get to enjoy it for her 5th birthday. I am sure it is a relief to have completed an UFO! You have given us all motivation to tackle our own UFOs!

by relaxsew 28 Apr 2009

That is very pretty. I think we all have some UFO's somewhere! I am about to move my sewing room to a bigger room. I just about imagine what I am going to find under all the stacks! Great job on the dress!

by kkcogle 28 Apr 2009

nice job! and couldn't be more in style today, as it would have been 14 years ago! Can you share what pattern this was? it really is very cute! A+

mysew1325 by mysew1325 28 Apr 2009

that pattern is a Simplicity 7575 size 5 is cute.. if you are in the U.S. I will send it to you.. kathy

kkcogle by kkcogle 28 Apr 2009

Kathy...I live in Michigan...I'd LOVE it! How about some handmade soap for a trade? you can get me at

by gerryvb 28 Apr 2009

but the dress is so beautiful, your GD will love's great you finished it after all !!

by vixentlc 28 Apr 2009

Well, the dress will be one of a kind since anyone will be hard pressed to find the same prints on their dress. It looks lovely, the gold ribbon does finish it of nicely!

by jrob Moderator 28 Apr 2009

Now YOU are a woman who is persistant! Perhaps it was just meant for DGD! It is lovely.

by designgirl 28 Apr 2009

Better late than never, it looks great. Now your 5 year old can wear it. Lynn

by mops Moderator 28 Apr 2009

The dress looks lovely. Luckily styles like this don't go out of fashion. My ufo's include a couple that are so dated, they are only right for a fancy dress party!

by castelyn 28 Apr 2009

well the dress looks lovely - Thank goodness that the pins did not rust.I also have ufo's things that I intend to sew for myself and never get to it. *4U Yvonne

by michelej 28 Apr 2009

Very very pretty. Well done.

by kezza2sew 28 Apr 2009

Oh it looks sew lovely, you cannot rush these things huh? I would have PLENTY of UFO's lying around, I am sure my GD's WILL FIND...

by roslyn 28 Apr 2009

It's never too late. I think we all have those UFO's in the corner somewhere. Well done. Just think if you kept it longer it may just me an "heirloom" oops

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 28 Apr 2009

If I kept it any longer I would have donated it to the DAV..

by shirlener88 28 Apr 2009

That is a stunning dress and will make your little GD look so pretty - I hope the older one doesn't get upset when she sees it finished - knowing it was for her - Hehehe! I had a couple things for my daughter - when her daughter came and went past that size - I finially gave them away - I don't sew much any more.

by cracker 28 Apr 2009

that is so pretty. I have lost of UFO's too.

by quiltingqueen 28 Apr 2009

I have lots of patterns I buy with good intentions on making the outfit. Then I discovered my daughter grew faster than I could sew them - LOL!

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 28 Apr 2009

my problem is.. this dress was cut 14 years ago .. at least I used good pins and they did not rust on the fabric.. so funny...

by waterlily 28 Apr 2009

I have an awful lot of UFOs. I wonder If I will ever finish them?!

by migs 27 Apr 2009

I hv too many UFO's lol ~ don't we all
That little dress is adorable. A lot of work went into it, but it will look great on & I'm sure will be adored by many.

by katydid 27 Apr 2009

Sounds like something I would. I have some cutout projects in a box that go back 2 or 3 years. I even looked fora pair of capris that I thought I had made and finally found them with pattern still pinned on them ready to make.

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 27 Apr 2009

that's funny... I wonder some times if I will finish the UFO's before I die..