Colors: 2 

Letter K

Design #: 268729
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Design Details
Size (in): 2.36"(w) x 3.15"(h)
Size (mm): 60 x 80
Stitches: 3500
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ART csd dst exp hus jef pcs pes sew vip xxx
k swirlsfont
Pircy by Pircy 17 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely embroidery design

maeeast by maeeast 30 Jan 2009

Kind of funky, but still a fun letter.

roberta by roberta 23 Aug 2007

i wish you people would quit asking for someone to send you a letter you missed in the alphabet. i"m sure in today's time the cost of the membership isn't going to break your pocketbook. to me, it was well worth spending. quit trying to get something for

mjbates by mjbates 13 Aug 2007

thank you for giving the k a second chance!

hollyfox by hollyfox 13 Aug 2007

Thankyou for this beautiful alphabet ! Holly.

hollyfox by hollyfox 13 Aug 2007

Grazie per questo bellissimo alfabeto !

francoisen68 by francoisen68 12 Aug 2007

Hello everybody ! I live in France and would be very happy to get the A. Is it possible ? Thank you for all very nice designs.

juanitadenney by juanitadenney 12 Aug 2007

Can someone send me the Q or is it going to be offered so I can download it?

juanitadenney by juanitadenney 12 Aug 2007

What happened to the Q? Yesterday was P and today is K. Did I miss something?

pwfnp by pwfnp 12 Aug 2007

I was wrong I need b and D. Sorry thanks

pwfnp by pwfnp 12 Aug 2007

Could we all vote for A? My neices first name is Anastasia. Thanks

ritageysen by ritageysen 12 Aug 2007

dank u voor K

jmula36 by jmula36 11 Aug 2007

please do k,l,&m next. Somehow I must have missed them.

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 07 Aug 2007

Thank you for the alphabets I love them

dixie by dixie 07 Aug 2007

Please everyone be fair and don"t ask for any designs you may have missed as this is not legal and it would be such a shame to see the site close. You can join and download any or all the designs on Cute Embroidery, Lovely Embroidery and all the Alphabets

3inpink by 3inpink 07 Aug 2007

I missed the J- and of course my daughter is Jessica! If anyone can help, send in PES to

sandralochran by sandralochran 06 Aug 2007

Thank you

emb4fun by emb4fun 06 Aug 2007

I am looking for the h & J in pes. Can anyone help?

kalif by kalif 06 Aug 2007

thank you.

lisaatwell1984 by lisaatwell1984 06 Aug 2007

Sharing designs is illegal and could possibly get you banned from the site. Or they could just shut the whole thing down. They are here to sell memberships, by giving us free designs they are hoping we will purchase the membership. File sharing can cause

buster by buster 06 Aug 2007

thanks so much for the lovely alphabet.
all of the designs are great. thanks once again.

nebraskagirl by nebraskagirl 06 Aug 2007

thank you!!

ritageysen by ritageysen 06 Aug 2007

bedank voor K

juspeachy by juspeachy 06 Aug 2007

DST format...

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 06 Aug 2007

Finally we get to K. My daughters init. Thanks Email me for any missing letters.

bonita1313 by bonita1313 06 Aug 2007


dmuser by dmuser 06 Aug 2007

If you need any letters put your email address in the first line.

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ART csd dst exp hus jef pcs pes sew vip xxx