by gabysercel 23 Apr 2009

SI ALGUIEN TIENE DUDAS MI CORREO ES y con gusto le ayudo para descargar los diseños los hay en todos los formatos y vienen con figuras para todo.


by letvia 24 Apr 2009

Hola Gaby. Como ya muchas de mis amigas te dijeron, Bienvenida a Cute. Este lugar es maravilloso, todas las personas aquí te hacen sentir en familia; vas a conseguirte con personas de todas partes del mundo. África, Australia, Europa y América. Yo soy de Venezuela pero vivo en Estados Unidos.

Todos los sitios donde hay diseños gratis son muy apreciados, si puedes publicar el link sería mucho mejor y así todos podríamos disfrutar del lugar. Y si prefieres escribir en Ingles (es el idioma que la mayoría aquí habla) te recomiendo Google, es muy bueno.

De nuevo Bienvenida a Cute!!!

Hi Gaby. As many of my friends told you, Welcome to Cute. This place is wonderful, all the people here make you feel as a family, you'll get people from all over the world. Africa, Australia, Europe and America. I'm from Venezuela but I live in The United States.

All sites with free designs are highly appreciated if you post the link would be much better and so we could all enjoy the site. And if you prefer to write in English (which is the language most spoken here) I recommend Google is very good.

And again Welcome to Cute!

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camylow by camylow 24 Apr 2009

I knew some wonderful Cutie would be along and translate for us...thank you for passing us the newest qt's voice....

by edithfarminer 24 Apr 2009

solo hablo a poco de Espanol, pero donde estan los disenos? He mirando en guarida del lobo solitario, pero no peudo encontrar. Tiene una linea directo para nosotros?

by marjialexa Moderator 24 Apr 2009

Hola, Gaby! Bienvenidos a "Cute", una buena familia del internet. No hablo Espanol muy bien, hace muchos anos, pero algunas chicas se hablan, como Letvia de Venezuela. Abrazos para ti, y flores, Marji

by persiancatlover 24 Apr 2009


by jrob Moderator 24 Apr 2009

She is saying that there is a site called the Lone Wolf that has free designs and if you email her she will direct you there. Gaby, there are too many virus out there and we are fearful of losing our precious collections. If you want to post a link or a project that you have done from there, please do.;)

by gerryvb 24 Apr 2009

just like the others untill now, don't understand the language, but welcome and nice wedding picture.

by sissibrode 24 Apr 2009

I don't undersand spanish but... Welcome !!!*

by camylow 24 Apr 2009

Welcome to the CUTE FAMILY....I don't speak spanish, but someone else will be able to translate for us soon...*4u deanna

by cuddlebear 24 Apr 2009

Hi Gabysercel, I don't speak Spanish but I think through using a translation tool that you are telling us about a site with free designs. If this is the case can you please post the link so we can have a look.

Welcome to cute. Cheers, Claire

by castelyn 24 Apr 2009

See you have not got any reply. will bump you to the top and maybe someone can help