by newipswich 23 Apr 2009

Being as I raise Yorkies, I thought this 'yorkie in pajamas'design from Embroidery Library was just the thing for my hot/cold pack. The cover is removeable so that it can be washed. The filler in the pack is rice.


by castelyn 26 Apr 2009

Well done * 4U from Yvonne

by ewroland 26 Apr 2009

Really nice - where did you get the pattern for the Hot/cold Pack? I need to make me one that will go around my knees. I have to have knee replacement surgery soon.
Thanks for sharing

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newipswich by newipswich 27 Apr 2009

I'm sorry, I don't remember the site that had the hot/cold pack as a project. I had to customize the shape and size for my use ( I have neck, shoulder & upper back issues. ) For the inner pack (filled with rice), sew 3 edges leaving the 4th edge open, I stitched 3 lines across the width, to form 4 "pouches", filled them with the rice and then stitched that 4th edge closed with a longer stitch and contrasting thread. That way the rice is not settling down into one end of the pack; and that 4th edge can easily be "ripped open" and the rice replaced if need be. (hope this wasn't too confusing) Blessings to you. I hope your knee surgery goes very well for you!!

by manami 26 Apr 2009

So cute! Well done!

by sanjoy51 25 Apr 2009

yes this is really cute and I agree with Cuddlebear you should put it into embroidery library you have done a wonderful job on him.

by momabear 25 Apr 2009

very cute

by designgirl 24 Apr 2009

Very cute.

by michelej 24 Apr 2009

He looks so cute!!!!!

by waterlily 24 Apr 2009

That's so cute!

by gerryvb 24 Apr 2009

very cute design!

by sambsranch 24 Apr 2009

Wonderful idea, as I could use one right now!!! Thank for the show/ tell... (((hug))) & flower 4U...
Sam :)

by cuddlebear 24 Apr 2009

What a cute Yorkie, I have one too she is 13 yo and is still like a puppie in so many ways!!! I agree that you should send this picture to EmbLibrary as I am sure they will showcase it too!!!

by lesflowell 24 Apr 2009

so sweet *4u

by photomama 24 Apr 2009

I have Yorkies too - and this is just darling......

by ezzemml 24 Apr 2009

So so sweet. I love it.

by lbrow 23 Apr 2009

This is sooooo cute * 4u

by vixentlc 23 Apr 2009

Very cute!

by sherylac 23 Apr 2009

how cute and I just love little yorkies, **

by modo 23 Apr 2009


by shirlener88 23 Apr 2009

Very nice, indeed.

by lv2sew 23 Apr 2009

how ingenoius!!! I hope you sent this pic to them (emblibrary) as they will most likely post it in their stitchers showcase!! * to you! love the colors as well as the idea!

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newipswich by newipswich 23 Apr 2009

Thank you for your kind words! :-)

by mops Moderator 23 Apr 2009

Lovely design! The pack has a nice shape, ideal for a stiff and sore neck!

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newipswich by newipswich 23 Apr 2009

Thank you! That's exactly what I made it for; it can wrap totally around the neck (maybe I should have added some ties to hold it), or drape across the shoulders and upper back.

by 10tje 23 Apr 2009

very nice and a great idea!!*

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newipswich by newipswich 23 Apr 2009

Thank you! Hugs!