by newipswich 21 Apr 2009

Just wondering if interfacing yardage can be used, in some instances, in place of stabilizer (for example, as the bottom layer of the towel "sandwich"). Thanks.


by denice 22 Apr 2009

There is a big difference between interfacing and stabilizer. If you pull interfacing it will give across the grain in at least one direction and always on the bias it is intended to mimic fabric while at the same time adding body. Good stabilizer will not give in any direction, it is intended to do what the name implies. This is very important or else your stabilizer would give like a knit fabric as you stitch out your design and the various aspects of your embroidery will not line up correctly. I have some poor quality stabilizer that gave me grief when I was embroidering t-shirts last Christmas. While it did not give as much as interfacing it definitely had some stretch across the grain and on the bias. As I had no other available I used two layers, laying them in different directions and it worked OK. I think I can use it up on low stitch designs on woven, not knit fabric. So the moral is even though some people swear interfacing will work STITCHER BEWARE that is not what it is designed to do.

by sherylac 22 Apr 2009

Hi, I have ironed on some interfacing on some lightweight fabric and then put some tearaway under that,not on towels, haven't tried that, under some photo stitching that I have done and it worked fine. Good luck, just trial and error

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newipswich by newipswich 22 Apr 2009

Thank you for sharing your positive experience. I'm taking notes (and I went and checked out the link that mops put here.) I will be giving it a try and see what happens. :-)

by shirlener88 22 Apr 2009

I don't know why it couldn't be used - if that is all that you have - why not try it out and let us know - what you come up with and if you like the effect you achieve with it. *4U

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newipswich by newipswich 22 Apr 2009

Thank you! Some great information and tips here. I think I will give it a try and see what happens.

by nonmusicmom 22 Apr 2009

I have used stabilizer on the back of a design that wont be washed like a picture. But it has to be heavy weight. I found the iron on works a little better than the sew on.

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newipswich by newipswich 22 Apr 2009

Thank you!! I'll keep the project in mind as to when I give the interfacing a try.

by marjialexa Moderator 22 Apr 2009

Maybe sometimes, but do make sure it's dense enough to support the amount of stitches you have. I wouldn't worry too much about outline or redwork, but interfacing is meant to be 'soft' and 'drapey', so I'd not use it for any heavy fill designs. Hugs, Marji

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newipswich by newipswich 22 Apr 2009

That makes sense. I'll keep that in mind (actually, my daughter grabbed me a notebook so I can write all this info. and tips down) Thank you!

by mops Moderator 22 Apr 2009

There's an interesting tutorial about stabiliser for towels on EmbLibrary. Worth reading!

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newipswich by newipswich 22 Apr 2009

Thank you for the link! I will check it out!

by bikermomfl 22 Apr 2009

you can use interfacing but it doesn't have the dense weaving of the stablizer. You might find that if you use that you might want to use 2 sheets instead of one and that it is not tearaway and will stay there forever. Good luck, have fun........

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newipswich by newipswich 22 Apr 2009

I may have to experiment. I seem to have quite a bit of interfacing around. I'll try something using the 2 layers of it.

by colonies1 22 Apr 2009

thanks didn't know that. *4u

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newipswich by newipswich 22 Apr 2009

And a flower for you! Thanks!

by emily16838 21 Apr 2009

I use interfacing sometimes...not sure about the sandwich??

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newipswich by newipswich 21 Apr 2009

Oh good, I'm glad that'll work. (the sandwich is: stabilizer on the bottom, the towel, and wss on the top) Thanks for the reply!