by cutiepie 20 Apr 2009

With all the loss that I have been hearing about lately, I couldn't risk the chance that I might not say this in time for everyone to get to hear. You are all special to me and brighten up my life with your comments. Thank you for being a friend to me!


by nurselilly 23 Apr 2009

Hello Cutiepie its so nice to hear from you. How are the boys doing? Keeping you busy i bet please drop by now and then to say hi we all miss you. And yes we would love a birthday pic of the boys :) take care Ash

by clawton 22 Apr 2009

Miss seeing you here and hearing about your boys. I missed this posting as this appear to be 2 days ago. Take care.

by colonies1 22 Apr 2009

that is so sweet of you. We all love you and miss you when you are not here. *4u all I tried giveing Cutiepie a flowe and it won't let me.How come?

by letvia 21 Apr 2009

Dear Cutiepie, I'm so glad to read your post. we have missed you so much. I would love to see a picture of the boys. Thank you for be here with us. Flower and XoXo

by dlmds 21 Apr 2009

Hi Cutiepie, Wow, have not heard from you in a very long time, happy to see you here. If you can slow the twins down long enough, it would be great to see a new photo. Haha!! I have known of twins in the past that have developed a language between themselves, when they were little, that only they could understand. I wondered if the boys have done this. I know you are busy,busy, but it is sure nice to hear from you. H&*.

by boltonia51 21 Apr 2009

It seems that it only takes an instant for a loved one to pass. And the sorrow felt by those of us left behind is unmeasurable.So it is nice to hear such nice thoughts and share in each others lives every now and again. Bless you and yours Cutiepie

by grandmamek 21 Apr 2009

How nice of you to take time from your busy life to express such wonderful sentiments. We love you also and always nice to see and hear from you.

by mops Moderator 21 Apr 2009

Great to hear from you now and again. You'll be quite busy with your boys. The twins will no longer look anything like your avatar and be more than a lap full. Give us a picture if you have the time! I wish you a very nice day. Martine

by dlonnahawkins 21 Apr 2009

Cutiepie - it is good to hear from you, but with twins and another one to care for, we know how busy you must be. Thanks for the sentiment.

by pennifold 21 Apr 2009

What a beautifully said sentiment. I feel the same way. Thanks for airing your views.

Love and blessings Chris


by shirlener88 21 Apr 2009

Cutiepie, it is wonderful to hear from you and all three of the boys must be growing so fast - the twins have to be a hand full and I know how busy you must be - thanks for your comments and know that you are loved, too. *4U

by gerryvb 21 Apr 2009

thanks for being part of this of lovely cutefamily, the site where we meet friends all over the world.I'm glad you are one of them.(when do you post a new picture of the twins?)hugs, gerry

by meganne 21 Apr 2009

Right back at you Cutiepie. You are valued and appreciated as a very unique member of our Cute family and I also acknowledge you personally.
I just realised the twins must be 1 year old now, how about a Birthday pic, or did you already post some that I missed???
hugs n roses and lots of love, Meganne

by ezzemml 21 Apr 2009

Cutie pie you are also special to us and how are those 3 boys of yours going.I recon the little 2 would be into everything by now. Have a blessed day and it is nice to see your avatar pop up now and then.

by modo 21 Apr 2009

thanks for this osting, take care*

by quiltgrama 21 Apr 2009

Same to you cutiepie. Nice to see you.

by shirleysisson 21 Apr 2009

Thanks for your lovely message. We care for you too. *4U

by iris2006 21 Apr 2009

Thanks Cutie pie and the same for you and your preciuos boys and HB. Give them all a big hug.

by caydebug 20 Apr 2009

What a sweetheart you are. We sure don't say it enough, do we. I hope you know that you feel the same to us. And a special Prayer for those precious baby boys. Prayers and blessings to you and yours, Libbie

by emily16838 20 Apr 2009

What a lovely message

by mad14kt 20 Apr 2009

Hi Cutie...happy 2cu ;D *2U

by jrob Moderator 20 Apr 2009

That was so sweet....we ALWAYS love seeing your face and the twins. How special to have a lap full of babies! I miss hearing from you, but understand that you certainly have a full plate. I know it seems overwhelming at times, but remember one day you will wish for just one more day of the chaos. Life does happen to us all. Hugs and kisses to those 3 sweet boys and give yourself one while you are at it! ;)

by loish 20 Apr 2009

And likewise to you. Hope you and the boys are doing well. Also want to see pictures and hear news. When you can - you must be really busy with the twins! Hugs and flowers, Lois

by vixentlc 20 Apr 2009

Ditto Cutiepie!

by raels011 20 Apr 2009

Great to hear from you cutie. Would love to see a new pic of the boys
Hugs raelene