by bdrouin 16 Apr 2009

I made this bag to give to my friend. We have been friends for a very long time and she does and has done so many thoughtful things for me that I figured it was time I made her something special. I bought this deerskin piece and made it into a bag.


by sandralochran 19 Apr 2009

Very nice

by katydid 19 Apr 2009

Nice job!! I have never embroidered on leather. Any special tips?

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bdrouin by bdrouin 20 Apr 2009

Keep the designs simpler although I see Letvia has done more complex ones. Don't use a leather needle for the embroidery as it cuts the leather and your design will fall out. I used a size 14 regular needle so there is less friction on the thread with the larger hole. An embroidery needle would also work in a size 14. A good weight stabalizer is also recommended.

by clawton 18 Apr 2009

Very nice work! Love the design.

by nini 18 Apr 2009

Beautifull present! Your friend must be delighted with it! You did an excelent job!***

by sherylac 17 Apr 2009

Lovely bag and your friend will love this

by mops Moderator 17 Apr 2009

Beautiful bag!

by lenamae 17 Apr 2009

Beautiful I know she will love this

by gerryvb 17 Apr 2009

beautiful, great job on the leather!

by castelyn 17 Apr 2009

It looks beautiful - well done * 4U Yvonne

by michelej 17 Apr 2009

Beautiful gift for a long time friend.

by ezzemml 17 Apr 2009

Very nice I'm sure she will love it, I do.

by waterlily 17 Apr 2009

You did a beautiful job on this! Your friend ought to love it!!

by lbrow 16 Apr 2009

This was very nice of u. u have done a teriffic job *4U

by tippi 16 Apr 2009

You did a beautiful job on the bag. She will charish it for years.

by shirlener88 16 Apr 2009

bdrouin, your friend will adore it - great work - *4U

by mariahail 16 Apr 2009

I know that your friend will love it and will be proud of, good friends are hard to find!!!!*****

by shasta 16 Apr 2009

It is very elegant. I love it. Shasta

by busynikki 16 Apr 2009

I'm sure your'e friend will love it. The bag looks terrific.

by mysew1325 16 Apr 2009

very lucky friend.. you are so very talented..

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Apr 2009

What a lucky friend, I do like the bag you have made foe her

by modo 16 Apr 2009


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bdrouin by bdrouin 16 Apr 2009

Thank you.