by lizajane 29 Jul 2007

Did I miss the "Swirl Font B" and how do you get the Hummingbird & Black cat that people have commented on? Had problem couple days downloading, must have missed a good day..


by cutiepie 30 Jul 2007

Well, yes you did miss the Swirl Font B. It was offered a couple of days ago. The good thing is that you can get it anyway, if you purchase the 6-month membership. Then, you will have access to ALL of the designs shown on, and also A HUGE deal, believe me. They all stitch out so nicely, and you can see the variety available. You would be hard-pressed to find this anywhere in the "big name" designs. I have paid over $100 for a single design card that had less than 25 designs on it, and they didn't stitch out any better than the ones I've gotten here. =[

by jrob Moderator 29 Jul 2007

You can get the Hummingbird and Black cat by purchasing a membership. I loosely calculated that IF you download 3/4 of the designs on this site, the Alphabet site,and the Lovely site including the new designs daily that are added they would cost you Less than .30 each. That's US money. WHERE else could you get a deal like that?????? I know I'm lovin' it. The reason that you saw them on the side of the home page, is that if you go to that design (under birds or cat) and you make a comment it will show up on the right hand column of the home page.