by cleusaap 01 Apr 2009

I'm using Google to translate perhaps why this complicated, I understand some English, and the design of this site KRZ I need in any format the design and Dorf Tkanks


by tubby 02 Apr 2009

Hi if you have husqvarna 4D you can convert the KRZ format to most of the common machine I down loaded one and converted it to vp3.This was the
KRZ file converted to vp3 then to jpg image. If you are having trouble converting the designs email them to me I will convert them to the format you require and email lhem back to you

cleusaap by cleusaap 02 Apr 2009

ok.thanks format pes please.

katydid by katydid 02 Apr 2009

Tubby you are so kind to help her!!

by manami 01 Apr 2009

Cleusa, tentei converter os desenhos formato KRZ com o software Embird e Tajima, mas nao sao reconhecidos como desenhos para bordados. Seria interessante alguem que pudesse escrever para a Tessel e pedir para eles colocarem em um formato mais popular, ja que parece que e preciso obter um programa especifico para converte-los. Sinto muito nao poder te ajudar mais do que isso. Abracos, Yoriko.

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manami by manami 01 Apr 2009

Descobri que KRZ e formato para edicao de desenhos no sotware da viking cross stitch. abracos,Yoriko

by cleusaap 01 Apr 2009

Hello to everyone! My problem is when I safe this files, them format is .KRZ and my machine can't read that. And I don't have any program if cold make or transform to a file like *.PES or *.HUS format. When I click with the left button I can't change his format. I hope you can understand my English.
Thank you so much!

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wendymay60 by wendymay60 01 Apr 2009

Cleusaap, I use Embird to change file formats you can get a free trail version from there are also some free sites but I do not have the connection, another cutie will give then to you. Best of Luck

by francoisen68 01 Apr 2009

Hello, where are you from ? I am French. Can I help you translating ? Gerryvb is right. May I add that you can click on the link (page 1)"" and then on "free designs" (left side, and you will find many other nice freebies (click ont the name of the designs to download). Hugs

by gerryvb 01 Apr 2009

when you use the link of Misscharlie, you come on the site. Scroll down and you see a yellow tab with number 2. Click on the tab and you come on a free design page. the designs are in crosstitches.the little houses can be downloaded too. just click on them with the left mouse button and the files can be downloaded in Hus format. By the way: where are you from? wha's your own language?

by sassaf 01 Apr 2009

Hi, it's indead a German site - quite complicated! In fact they create embroideries and embroider on different kinds of support but they also have an appartment for rent (holidays), all on the same site... If you scroll down the page and click on the 2, you're taken to the freebies. Then just click on the picture and the zip opens. The designs of the village are in hus, but most others in krz which seems to stand for "Kreuzstich", i.e. cross stitch. Seems this is done by 3D Cross stitcher (Pfaff) - but unfortunately, I have no idea of how to convert. Hope this helps nevertheless! *4U

by mops Moderator 01 Apr 2009

When you are on the site, click on the coloured #2, this takes you to a page with designs which you can download by clicking on the pictures.

by iris2006 01 Apr 2009

When you are on the site then rightclick on your mouse, Go down the list and click on Page Info, There you can click on "translate this page in English" This can be helpfull to you. It's a German site.

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mops by mops 01 Apr 2009

When I go to the page-info I can't find anything about translation.

by bigswess 01 Apr 2009

It's a German Site

by katydid 01 Apr 2009

Sorry, I can not help. a flower for you.

by misscharlie 01 Apr 2009

I think this is the site you are talking about

Unfortunately I do not understand what the site says. I hope someone can help you *