by jude3944 28 Jul 2007

I belong to this site. But I don't understand how the designs are put up. Are there regulations somewhere to read? Thanks Jude


by cutiepie 30 Jul 2007

Ah, ok. I think I understand now. The new designs have very little to do with the freebie offered. The freebie is decided upon by vote, with only those designs marked by a pink bird being eligible to be freebies. The designs are posted on the pages with the most recently released on the front page. They are released an AVERAGE of one per day, but that means that some days there may be two or three new ones, and some days there won't be a new one at all. All you need to do to make sure you have the latest ones is to check the first page and see if you have all that are there. New designs won't be added into the previous pages. As for what the flowers are for, I talked about this in a previous Q&A. This is a quote from the information that a site representative gave me: " is conducting testing at the present time. Flowers will be used to provide new and additional benefits to users of" That is all that I know at this point in time, so we know they are a good thing, just not what they will be used for exactly. =]

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jude3944 by jude3944 30 Jul 2007

Thanks so much NOW I've got it!!! Jude

by jrob Moderator 29 Jul 2007

Jude: I believe that the designs are put up in the order that they are created newest to oldest. The free designs are the ones voted on with PINK birds under the vote icon. The BLUE bird icons are for members of the site and they are the ones that are newest to oldest on the designs page. Also, at the bottom of every page you will find underlined and able to take you directly to them the following:
home/Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy/Info/Contact Us
Hopes this answers your question.

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jude3944 by jude3944 29 Jul 2007

Thanks!!! Jude

by cutiepie 29 Jul 2007

I wish I could answer your question, but I'm afraid that I just don't understand what you are asking. Could you please clarify? What do you mean "how the designs are put up" and what do you need to know, regulations-wise?

jude3944 by jude3944 29 Jul 2007

Cutiepie, When I go to download some of the free designs I already have them. When are the new designs put up? Everyday? I don't see them everyday. Then I go thru 44 pages to make sure I didn't miss any I want to use... Thanks.. I'll learn I hope Jude

jude3944 by jude3944 29 Jul 2007

Also what are the flowers for??? Jude