by christa 27 Jul 2007

How do you get to the main page? I'm thinking of buying the membership, but I can't seem to find some sets (like the bees). Thanks


by jrob Moderator 29 Jul 2007

There is also a link at the bottom of EVERY page on the site that is:
home/terms and conditions/privacy policy/info/contact us
that will take you to the main (home) page.

by dixie 28 Jul 2007

When you type in it will bring the first page up. On the top of the left hand corner you will see Home etc.Click on that and it will show the first page.You will have to go through pages to see which ones you like. If you get a subscription you can download all the designs from all 48 pages Plus the ones from the Alphabets and also the ones from Lovely embroidery,you will find these on the first page on the left hand side. As if that is not enough you can also get all the new ones for the next 6 months.This site has some of the best designs I have seen so the Subscription is just GREAT VALUE
I have and it is well worth ever cent Regards Dixie

by cutiepie 28 Jul 2007

If you are wanting to get a membership, here is the place to go: or just click on the button above that says "6 month membership". Just so you know, none of the designs are in actual "sets", but they are all downloadable individually. You'd have to sort them into groups yourself (like that's hard). Good luck, and I know you will enjoy the membership. I love mine! =]