by tindo 27 Mar 2009

I am looking for teenage mutant ninja turtles designs I lost the site has anyone seen it. would really appreciate the help need them for easter gift for my grandson who is crazy about them. thanks


by dnickell 27 Mar 2009

ArtisticThreadworks has them as the Friday freebie

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tindo by tindo 27 Mar 2009

they are cute but they are not the ones i am looking for I would really like to buy the real ones (as on tv) but thank you so much for your help.

by mariahail 27 Mar 2009

I don't know where to find them, but if you go to stitchontime she will digitize them for you, she may have them... I never look for them, but I know she will do them for you for just a couple of dollars, she is real good.Good luck.****

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tindo by tindo 27 Mar 2009

i don't think it would be legal for me to get it digitized. but thank you anyway