by korsuize1 27 Jul 2007

Hallo, yesterday I tryed to download your letter A from the new alfabet. The site was not avalable, so I don't have the letter,could you send it to me.

Thanks very much.


by cutiepie 28 Jul 2007

Maybe the site owners will be kind enough to send you the design, but please don't make the mistake of asking us (other design-collectors). That (as I have been mentioning a lot lately) is illegal. On a similar note, the site owners will have access to your email address because you used it when you signed up for your account, so you don't have to post your email address here. It is actually better if you don't because when you have an email address on a public forum, it is very likely to be copied by a webcrawler program and added to one or more spammer's lists. I know that nobody wants more Spam. Since you have addressed your question to the owners, I'm not assuming that you were trying to get just anyone to send it to you, so don't think I'm getting on your case, ok? Of course, the easiest way to make sure that you get all of the designs is to purchase a membership by going to They accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal. =]

cutiepie by cutiepie 28 Jul 2007

Stupid me. I forgot. You don't have to worry about missing the 'A' because nobody got it. The vote shows that we will get the 'A' again tomorrow. After all, it is the vote that decides what the next day's freebie is going to be. So, if you want a certain one, VOTE FOR IT!

cutiepie by cutiepie 28 Jul 2007

tain design, all you have to do is VOTE FOR IT! (sorry, ran out of room on the previous comment.)

by christa 27 Jul 2007

The letter A was several days ago, not yesterday. No one could log on yesterday, I don't think.