by simplyrosie 18 Mar 2009

March 18, 2009 - How many languages do each of you speak, and which ones are they? Hugs... teri


by simplyrosie 22 Mar 2009


by auntbaba 20 Mar 2009

Unfortunately, I only speak English, but that includes "New England English", "Southern English", and "Medical English". I wish that I had the time to learn another language, especially Spanish, since it is spoken a lot here in Florida.

by letvia 20 Mar 2009

Thank you for your question dear Teri. I speak Spanish, my husband is American but grew up in Venezuela, so he also speaks Spanish and we speak Spanish at home because we want our kids to speak fluid Spanish. I speak English also but not too well. I want to go back to school to learn English.

by maleah 20 Mar 2009

American-English and when I get angry"profanity"....

by mija 20 Mar 2009

I am Belgian,I spaek Flemisch (dutch) and French, German and a little Englisch.
Nice to read al this comments.

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auntbaba by auntbaba 20 Mar 2009

I envy your ability to speak all of those languages!

by designgirl 20 Mar 2009

English only, I have never learned any other.French is a second language here.My grandchildren know how to speak and read it. They learn it in school.

by darenluan 20 Mar 2009

My language is Spanish, I read English, but I learn everyday from your comments.

by sissibrode 20 Mar 2009

This question leads to another question: who of you have Polish root (even remotely)? I saw that many of you had notions of Polish...My paternal grandmother was Polish :o)

memasanders by memasanders 20 Mar 2009

My maternal grandmother was polish. My great grandfather came to New York Ellis Island from Ploand.

memasanders by memasanders 20 Mar 2009

As you can see I still can't spell in English LOL

by adelmarie 20 Mar 2009


by claudenicolas 19 Mar 2009

I speak only french !!!I write in english with you, rather badly hehehe!!! But I am not able to soeak nor either to understand the english spoken. Fortunatly, I have a good dictionary on my table, and all you cuties, you are very indulgent towards me Flowers to all *****

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 20 Mar 2009

Your English is wonderful! :-)

auntbaba by auntbaba 20 Mar 2009

Your English and your writing is wonderful, and so much more advanced than the very little French that I can speak!

by gerryvb 19 Mar 2009

hello teri, does a dialect count too, hehe?if not then there's dutch, english, german and some french.hope it's enough.Sometimes it's not enough to make my husband understand what I mean( joke, myside. He does not read this side so I can write it down.hehe.haha.)

manami by manami 20 Mar 2009

Dialect is very interesting too. Even in a small country like Japan, we have so many dialects, Osaka laugh about our Nagoya way to say...and of course we laugh about them. Anyway, both so cute. I like immitating Osaka's dialect. :) It seems Australia doesn't have dialect???

mpo14011 by mpo14011 20 Mar 2009

I think Australia does, sort of. The New South Wales people pronounce words differently to the South Australians. I come from N.S.W. and often get teased about the way I pronounce words like school and cool and plants, etc.

by marietta 19 Mar 2009

What a lovely question. I was born and bred in Afrikaans, and thus I can also understand and read something written in Dutch. Afrikaans is its own language, which was born when people from Holland landed here, hundreds of years ago. I also speak fluent English (spelling sometimes a little shaky), and my kids was brought up in English, and still speaks English. Hubby a Englishman

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manami by manami 20 Mar 2009

That is very interesting, Marietta. Thanks for sharing part of Afrikaans culture.

by cicadamn 19 Mar 2009

At Home German, English, Afrikaans( Dutch) Zulu and a few words Swahili

by michelej 19 Mar 2009

Well English, Englsh and some more English. that`s Aussie English of course.....Was learning Japanese for awhile, so know many words...Learnt French at school but it was so long ago I don`t even know one word now.....besides have never even met a french person in my life.....I also speak mumble like

by lflanders 18 Mar 2009

I speak Southernese and when I try to speak proper I sound silly even to myself. Born in Georgia.Lived in Mississippi for a few years then Back to Georgia. I'm 62 and still in Ga. I was in Gatlinburg Tn. in the mountains one summer and a store owner made fun of my souther accent. In Tn. and he made fun of me. Linda

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gerryb by gerryb 19 Mar 2009

Surely he was a "transplant!" I live in Knoxville, and sound like a hillybilly!

by simplyrosie 18 Mar 2009

How fun to see all these languages that you all speak... Thanks for answering

Here's a joke for you all:

What do you call someone who only speaks ONE language?

American! LOL...


by blhamblen 18 Mar 2009

American English ONLY..the spanish I took in High School couldn't even place an order at McDonald's!!

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by oaro 18 Mar 2009

My first languge is Romania and speak good English

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oaro by oaro 20 Mar 2009

Dose anyone else speak Romania

by coco128 18 Mar 2009

I do the 'spanish' too, but my education has been in english. I used to be fluent in italian, but since I don't use it any's kinda gone-LOL

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by adelmarie 18 Mar 2009

Fluently English and Spanish, I can find my way around with the French and Dutch but i do not fluently speak them.

by manami 18 Mar 2009

I speak and write Japanese and Portuguese fluently, some Spanish and Italian and I'm still learning English, got some Minnesotan dialets(you betcha) and now Australian ones (you reckon) :D I just love learning languages, I think they are very interesting!

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marietta by marietta 19 Mar 2009

Good for you !!

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Mar 2009

English, German and some words in Arabic.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HERZLICHEN GLUECKWUNSCH ZUM GEBURTSTAG, and ?????? I believe it is MABRUK meaning Congratulation

by clawton 18 Mar 2009

Sorry to say only English. Wish it were more. In the states it really wasn't necessary for a long long time. Now, however, it would be a asset. But it would be hard to decided which would be the most useful!

by read180 18 Mar 2009

I Speak English, Some German, Some Spanish and I am trying to learn some Arabic. I am a Public School Librarian in Minnesota. I also Speak Minnesotan Ah sure you betcha.

marietta by marietta 19 Mar 2009

That quite a lot too. Sounds interresting.

manami by manami 20 Mar 2009

Read, I worked in a public School as a librarian volunteer in Minnesota too. I miss the 10 thousand lakes land :)

auntbaba by auntbaba 20 Mar 2009


by catwoman123 18 Mar 2009

I speak 2 english first ,spanish 2ed but can't read it well.

by nonna57 18 Mar 2009

Well i speak english but my DH says i "speak" Mumble. Does anyone else speak this "lingo"? :)))))

wendymay60 by wendymay60 18 Mar 2009

yes my DH & GD who is staying with me at this time

gerryb by gerryb 19 Mar 2009

Goodness yes! My hubby! I tell people I'm going deaf from trying to understand/hear him for 45 yrs!

sewmom by sewmom 19 Mar 2009

A couple of my kids do.

nonna57 by nonna57 19 Mar 2009

Should make it a national lingo . What say Mumble mumble mumble !!!!!! :)

toet by toet 19 Mar 2009

A friend of mine calls tight shorts mumbles.he for you.

tolgamum by tolgamum 19 Mar 2009

My hubby spoke Mumble for many many years, but after 70 he graduated to Grumble - Does that qualify for 2 different Languages?

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 19 Mar 2009

My DH too! I think it's MAN Speak!

by sewingerr 18 Mar 2009

My first language is spanish, and know very well english, I read and write it better than speak it...pero ahi vamos, me gustaria intercambiar mensajes con alguien aqui, con alguna cutie!:O)

adelmarie by adelmarie 18 Mar 2009

Yo tambien hablo español, de donde es usted?

sewingerr by sewingerr 18 Mar 2009

de Puerto Rico y usted?

adelmarie by adelmarie 20 Mar 2009

del pueblo de Ponce, Puerto Rico

letvia by letvia 20 Mar 2009

Hola sewingerr. Yo también hablo español. Soy de Venezuela pero tengo 10 años viviendo en USA.

sewingerr by sewingerr 20 Mar 2009

Adelmarie yo soy de Mayaguez...que bueno, vives en Ponce?

sewingerr by sewingerr 20 Mar 2009

hola letvia! me alegro mucho poder escribir aqui en espanol, quizas podemos hacerlo mas a menudo que creen?

by raels011 18 Mar 2009

I only speak English. I take my hat off to all the people who have another language and learn english as it is not an easy one to learn as it has many words spelt differently but sound the same ( to, two, too ) or spelt the same but said differently (read, read)

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mops by mops 19 Mar 2009

Most languages have some homophones or words that seem to rhyme when written but don't when spoken - in Dutch f.i. vervelend and wervelend, accents on different syllables which makes them very difficult for non-native speakers. English has one big advantage, the spelling has not changed for ages. Dutch does change the spelling once every 30 years or so. Horrible! You suddenly feel yourself an ignoramus in your own language. Just fancy that happening with your second or third language!!

by dlonnahawkins 18 Mar 2009

Well, like Lillian - I speak Southernese, and don't do well at that. I moved to North Carolina for a while, and they told me I had to be from New York, and not the South, for I not talk like a Southener. I grew up in the Midwest, and guess I just speak Mutt English. I studied French in school, and could converse then, but surely not now.

by bokkieborduur 18 Mar 2009

Afrikaans and English and a little bit of FANAKALO this is a language that most of the miners in the mines here in South Africa talk to each others,it is a mixture of black, afrikaans and english languages. Marie

by sherylac 18 Mar 2009

Well, just Australian version of English, learnt French at High School, forgotten most of that, just remember the common phrases

by sewmom 18 Mar 2009

English, California style but not Valley Girl (like totally). Don't remember much of my 3 years of high school Espanol. Forgot most of my religious school Hebrew too. I know a couple of Yiddish words my grandma used to say. My grandparents use to speak in Yiddish when they didn't want my mom to know what they were talking about.

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 20 Mar 2009

My family did the same thing.. on Father's side Yidish, German and Hebrew...on Mom's side, Italian, Ladino (Sephardic "Hebrew" like Yiddish is Ashkenazi "Hebrew" - for those of you that don't know)... I picked up a lot actually, but never fluent in any of them... since I don't go to Shul too much anymore, I don't hear Hebrew as often and my Israeli friends have moved back to Israel (except 1, but she rather speak English).

by castelyn 18 Mar 2009

Only 2
English and Afrikaans


by anna25775 18 Mar 2009

mother languages Maltese and English, my German is much more fluent since I came to Germany. I also speak Italian quite well, understand some Spanish and French but not very fluent in them. And oh some words in Arabic and Hebrew too but just understand them definitely not able to write them! All hubby's efforts to teach me words in Russian, Romanian and Czech were so far in vain..... yeah you got it right he can speak all my languages and the last 3 too! He definitely is my best half :)

by kraai 18 Mar 2009

Afrikaans and little bit english

by iris2006 18 Mar 2009

Dutch, English, German, a little bit French and Spanish but the last two languages are a little bit difficult to me.
Dank je wel, Thanks very much, Danke schon, Merci Beaucoup, Muchos gracias.

by mops Moderator 18 Mar 2009

Dutch :), English - fluently; German - passable, never mind the inflections; French - school French alas, although I can read it well enough; bit of Spanish; can read Danish with some trouble thanks to a lot of embroidery and lace making books; and that's about it.
And unlike ssarner's long list Basic, Pascal and Fortran, although they've all gone rather rusty. I am now what my IT-son degradingly calls 'an end user', which is one step up from the bottom.

ssarner by ssarner 18 Mar 2009

It is not the exact language syntax. It is the logic behind those langusges that you understood.

denice by denice 18 Mar 2009

Mops I wonder what your son calls someone like me who can hardly turn the computer on and does not even recagnise the names of computer languages. Oh and I am one of those english only people. Tried french in school and the only passed me on the basic course if I was not taking any more courses.LOL

marietta by marietta 19 Mar 2009

Mops, if you speak your dutch, I am sure you might just understand my Afrikaans, if spoken slowly. Dutch people always say: "speak slowly,slowly", but sometimes you can make yourself understood.

mops by mops 19 Mar 2009

I might. I have read quite a number of Afrikaans poems, when my newspaper was doing a series on African writers. I loved the sound of the language and some the poems made me want to go see the landscapes they wrote about.

manami by manami 20 Mar 2009

I love the Dutch language 'sound', Martine! I should learn at least some words of it.

by memasanders 18 Mar 2009

English a little Spanish and a few bad words in Polish my moma used to say a long, long time ago.

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mariahail by mariahail 18 Mar 2009

this is funny, my GS is six and already know some not very good polish words, because he has learned from his Grandmother on the dad's side.

by sissibrode 18 Mar 2009

I speak French (hé hé), English (somehow, not so good, not so bad), a few words of German (I have forgotten since school), a little Polish and Yugoslav (much less since my grandmother is gone )and I love the singing tone of the Italian ... that I don't speak unfortunately.
Thanks for this question
Merci pour cette question
Danke für diese frage
Dziękuję za to pytanie
la ringrazio per questa domanda

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by ssarner 18 Mar 2009

I speak English, 3 dialects of Chinese, some Japanese, Portuguese, and few European languages but not fluent as human languages. I also speak C/C++, XML, UML, C#, MFC, Python, CORBA, Visual Basic, SQL, Access, Oracle, ColdFusion, Java, Javascript, Shell script, Pearl script, FORTRAN, COBAL, Pascal, Prolog, and Assembly Language as computer programming languages. Recently, I am learning Binbonese which is pretty much as English except the way how I present it to fool my husband.

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sewmom by sewmom 18 Mar 2009

Wow. Very impressive.

by misscharlie 18 Mar 2009

English, used to know Farsi forgot most of it, and some cuss words in Spanish (numbers and colors too)

mariahail by mariahail 18 Mar 2009

Want to learn more bad things in Spanish?

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 20 Mar 2009

Maria Hail! lol... You surprise me every day my friend... xoxo

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by ezzemml 18 Mar 2009

I Speak Aussie English and only know an odd word or two of Italian and polish and I sign.

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ezzemml by ezzemml 18 Mar 2009

ps Since coming here and visiting all the sites from other countries i have piched up on a few odd words here and there.

by gerryb 18 Mar 2009

I'm with Lillian! I murder the King's English! Took 4 yrs. of Spanish & couldn't talk my way out of a paper bag!! I do some ASL, but my fingers are getting so gnarled, am sure it's hard to "read!" Plus don't use it & lose it! So guess I only speak English!

by lbrow 18 Mar 2009

Well I murder the King's English cause I speak Southernese. That's the only one & I'm to old to start learning another. I know a word or 2 here & there n french but very little(I have a FrencH Sister n law)a little spanish & a little Italian but only a few words. *

by modo 18 Mar 2009

french and as you can see a little bit of english*

by celticlady1031 18 Mar 2009

English, English and English. I used to speak Japanese and German but have forgotten them long ago. A smattering of Spanish can be added to the list. While in Catholic school I also knew Latin but no more since mass is spoken in English. Do priests still know Latin?

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blhamblen by blhamblen 18 Mar 2009

Only the old ones..and those that have resurrected the Latin Mass in some cities:)

by mariahail 18 Mar 2009

Spanish and a little English****

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 18 Mar 2009

Okay Maria, Charlie and I thought you spoke French too? Love you friend... xoxo

mariahail by mariahail 18 Mar 2009

very little, and some italian too, but not like to go out and survive....

by stork 18 Mar 2009


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by simplyrosie 18 Mar 2009

I speak English - Actually I should say American (barely, just kidding), a little Yiddish, a little Hebrew and used to be fluent in American Sign Language.

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stork by stork 18 Mar 2009

Took French and Spanish in school (not by choice-dad was USAF and we had to take them). Took Latin in high school - can remember a few words of each, but nothing fluent.