by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

this is still ME that is being changed. Sooooo, I will be off the internet for a while, Dr said about 4 days in the hospital, if things go well. I will be chomping on the bit to get home. Hahaha! Anyway, I covet your Prayers for a speedy recovery, I Thank you in advance for those Prayers! Love, Judy


by tinfriend 20 Mar 2009

My thoughts & prayers will be with you too Judy! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

by colonies1 18 Mar 2009

speedy recovery and back with us.......Prayers are with you............a * 4 u all

by mysew1325 18 Mar 2009

My husband has to have knee replacement soon and I know the feelings you are feeling now, he has the same thoughts.. god will hold your hand through this with you.. I will say prayers for your speedy recovery.. kathy

by mops Moderator 18 Mar 2009

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I can understand your anxiety, never mind the statistics, it's your body! But I've seen from the comments quite a number of cuties had the same operation(s) and are doing well, that must be some consolation. Get well and running soon!

by iris2006 18 Mar 2009

Best wishes and a speedy recovery. Hope to see you back soon Gramsbear. You are in my thoughts.

by mad14kt 18 Mar 2009

Judy God SPECIALIZES in "SPEEDY RECOVERY" Is there ANYTHING too HARD for the LORD? Be BLESSED and VICTORIOUS in claiming your healing in JESUS NAME it is so ;D *2U

by jowat 18 Mar 2009

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I know exactly how you are feeling - I am due to have a knee replacement at the end of the year. I managed to put it off for the summer although it's painful to walk. Everyone I have spoken to has been pleased that they had the operation so just keep that in mind and I will keep you in my prayers. Love, Jo

by marjialexa Moderator 18 Mar 2009

Oh, Judy, God bless you mightily! I hope you get through the surgery and physical therapy in good shape. My girlfriend had this surgery in January one year, and in April we were walking all over the beaches & markets of Nassau, which she could not have done before. But she was very diligent about the therapy, so make sure you do that. Love, Marji

by uscmom 18 Mar 2009

good luck with your surgery and make sure that no matter how tough the physical therapy seems, it is for your own good!!! Keep that in mind and you will be dancing in the aisles before long.

by memasanders 18 Mar 2009

You have all my prayers dear. Hope all turns out well. God Bless.

by jrob Moderator 18 Mar 2009

Judy, you have my prayers, no question. One of my dearest friends just had both knees done at once and she is doing really well. She said it was painful, but get up asap and get going like the dr. says.;)

by misfit 18 Mar 2009

will be praying for you,Iam on waiting list for total knee replacement, so will be glad to hear of your experience,best wishes and goodluck

by michelej 18 Mar 2009

I wish you the best for your knee replacement surgery. You will be ok....

by meganne 18 Mar 2009

Judy, Judy, Judy, Cary here just to tell you to keep a stiff upper lip and do as the Doctor tells you, There's a Good Girl!

And from Meg, just make sure you do the exercises and don't whimp out on them or you'll pay the price later. And I'll be praying for you to have a speedy recovery, which you will, if you do your exercises.
hugs n roses, Meganne

by shirlener88 18 Mar 2009

Judy, of coarse we understand your hesitation and worry - but we will be prayeing for you and waiting to here of your speedy recovery and when you update us - we will be so pleased to have you with us again. I will continue to pray for you - until I hear that you no longer need the prayers.

by dixie 18 Mar 2009

GOOD LUCK with the operation, I had a full knee replacement 2 years ago, I put if off for quite a while but it has proved the wrong thing. If it is left too long as it sometimes affects the hip and that is what has happened to me. I now have to have a hip replacement very soon. Make sure you do all the exercises regardless of the pain because it will help you get back on track much sooner.It will certainly be worth it in a few months time, no pain etc.
I will be thinking of you

by gerryvb 18 Mar 2009

we'll be thinking of you, hope surgery and recovery goes very well, hugs Gerry

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Mar 2009

Judy prayers will be with you. May healing come fast and get you back on your feet. Angie

by manami 18 Mar 2009

Dear Judy, you will be in my thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery! Take care! Love,Yoriko

by mariahail 17 Mar 2009

Will be praying for you, starting now...Hugs and good luck.***

by gerryb 17 Mar 2009

Prayers are with you! You will do great AND be so surprised at the pain relief! I have both knees & hips replaced (am 65) and face a "reverse total shoulder" soon. Hit that pain button, don't be afraid to do so! Take a pill about 30 mins. before PT and work hard at PT! You'll do great. People are surprised when I tell them I've had all the replacements. Only thing that gives me away is all the alarms going off when I go thru security at the airport! If they don't put you on a "constant motion" machine, ask for it!! They are wonderful, relax you, bend the knee for you, and help a LOT!! Should be on it by the second day, probably. Hang in there!

by simplyrosie 17 Mar 2009

Prayers for you, the surgeon and the hospital staff. May GOD direct their hands and may you have a speady recovery.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks so much. *4U

by caydebug 17 Mar 2009

Wishing you the best, GramsBear and for a speedy recovery. Many prayers headed your way. Mom had a hip replacement done in 01 and was walking around in like 8 hours. Came through it really great. She was 67 when she had it done. Prayers and Blessings

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks so much. *4U

by lbrow 17 Mar 2009

My prayers u will have Judy, A speedy recovery is what we desire for u. Som PT will b needful just heed & do what they say. *

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gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks to you Lillian, I appreciate that.

by maryjo 17 Mar 2009

I'm sure you'll do fine but will keep you in my prayers. MIL has had both knees replaced and is fit as a fiddle. Just make sure you do your physical therapy. It's the key to your optimum outcome. You'll be playing hopscotch in no time.

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks so much, MaryJo

by auntbaba 17 Mar 2009

I'll keep you in my prayers Judy. I know that you will do well.
Angel blessings, Barb

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

I appreciate all the Prayers I can get. Thanks.

by grandmamek 17 Mar 2009

Judy, I will pray for a speedy recovery for you. I had a knee replacement in 2002 and have done great. Just be sure and do what they tell you with your physical therapy. The more you exercise the better it gets. Hugs and flowers for you.

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

It sounds like is is all according to how much PT I am willing to keep up with, Hahaha! So, now I know, Keep on keepin on! Thanks...

by denice 17 Mar 2009

Judy, A friend of mine had had one knee done and will get the other done this year. She says is much happyer with the new knee than the old painfull one. She is actually looking forward to the next new knee. The only thing is the physio therapy you need to do after. Very important and hard work. Her therapist said if she had not worked at it so hard she would not have recouvered so well. Take care, it will go well.

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks, and WELCOME to Cute, I don't think I've "seen" you here before today! Glad to have you here.

by dlonnahawkins 17 Mar 2009

The best of luck to you, and know that you will be rlieved when it is over. You are right, this is one surgery that has greatly improved. I haven't given up yet to have mine looked at, but one of these days. Blessings to you. We will be here waiting for your recovery news.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks so much, I appreciate knowing all of my Cute Family will be waiting to hear how I'm doing!

by clawton 17 Mar 2009

You will certainly be in my prayers. Take care and listen to the doctors for the recovery!

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks, cute little Bear Dr. Appreciate the Prayers.

by read180 17 Mar 2009

Best of luck with your surgery. I have had both hips and both knees replaced within the last 7 years and I am doing great. I had a hip problem that was from birth but never caused me any problems until I turned 50. Lots of prayers and hugs to you. I am new to cutie and just getting started.

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks Read, Hope I do as good as you have. Thanks for the Prayers. AND WELCOMEto Cute, I'm glad you are here.

by tindo 17 Mar 2009

Judy take care and come back soon. My DH needs both knees done, he is still waiting for more medical progress...bless his heart!!
love Marlene

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks Marlene, My husband is scheduled for hip replacement on April 16, so I have to get well quickly!

by blhamblen 17 Mar 2009

OH Judy You will be up and dancing in the streets in no time...Good Luck and Prayers be with you and your doctors..Don't rush things:) My Mom had both done in 2 yrs.She is better than ever!

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks Barb, appreciate the good vibes. Also the Prayers...

by kttyhwk4 17 Mar 2009

Judy,have added you to my prayer list. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thank you KittyHawk, I wouldn't turn down any Prayers, need all I can get! Thanks

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Mar 2009

Good Luck

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks so much

by sandralochran 17 Mar 2009

You will be running around when you return from hospital !!Take care

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 17 Mar 2009

Thanks I sure hope so, I have been in super slow speed for quite some time now. Hahaha!