by tindo 16 Mar 2009

bother reading, I have sent emails back to those people telling them I was not interested in these kind of emails because they block up my email usage and some take so long to open that I sit and wait for a long period of time. But they have not stopped coming so this morning i blocked all emails from them.

I am not a stick in the mud I love a good joke but 10 or more so emails a day is getting to be a JOKE!!!!


by sherylac 17 Mar 2009

Hi Marlene, I had my email address up in my profile and then decided to take it off because of what has happened to you, if someone wants to get in touch with you about embroidery, there is private message

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tindo by tindo 17 Mar 2009

I don't have it on my profile I just did something for a couple of cutes and now they keep sending me emails which i am not interested in.

by shirlener88 17 Mar 2009

Marlene, I think they way that you did it was the correct way and had it been me - I certainly would want to know directly - before being put on a blocked list - so I think you have taken care of it - the best way - at this time.

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tindo by tindo 17 Mar 2009

yes i asked them first very kindly not to send me emails not related to cute but they kept coming so I had to block them.

by simplyrosie 16 Mar 2009

Try posting this in your profile and adding to your email signature. I don't usually pass on things, and I delete LOTS of forwarded emails daily too.

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tindo by tindo 17 Mar 2009

thank simplyrose, a lot of emails to handle at night!

by adelmarie 16 Mar 2009

I am sorry to hear about this and hope you get it all sorted out. I hate chain e-mails too so I know how you are probably feeling right no. *2U

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tindo by tindo 17 Mar 2009

thanks i just blocked them if they want me they can pm me.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Mar 2009

Did you have your e-mail in your profile? Someone else had problems with getting Spam from people claiming to be from Cute.

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tindo by tindo 17 Mar 2009

no i did not have it there, these are cute people who we all know!! thank you for you answer.