by abeille78 15 Mar 2009

My garden alpha come up... C is free avalable until 16th mars. Don't miss it!

Have a look at the Yoriko beautiful site:


by peardrop 16 Mar 2009

I hate sound ungrateful, but I wish we had been warned of the timeline, in advance. I looked about 10:30am, MI time, and it was already unavailable then. Some people in California may not even be out of bed.
Oh well, you win some, you loose some. No point in crying over split milk. I'll just pass on the rest, nice alpha though.

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manami by manami 17 Mar 2009

Dear Peardrop, I'm so sorry you missed the letter C. It was available for 3(three) days from 14-16th. I've learned with this that I should have warned you all that I live in Australia and probably your midnight would be about 4am for me? I stay up until my midnight to upload the new letters. Please, go to Design by cuties or my website you still can get a lot of free designs. They are not actually free for me, but I just give them as a gift for my Cute Family. Thank you so much for your comment. Love&blessings, Yoriko

by gerryvb 16 Mar 2009

sorry, here it's 16 march but missed your C :(

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by peardrop 16 Mar 2009

Yes, it is still March 16, and just 12:30pm here in Michigan also. I missed the C too :(

by maleah 16 Mar 2009

thk you

by niralana 16 Mar 2009

Thank you! Lindas letras e o teu site é um encanto.
Adorei. Love!

by damaris 16 Mar 2009

thanks for the beautiful alphabet. I missed the 'C' darn it. It is Mar 16 here

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bokkieborduur by bokkieborduur 16 Mar 2009

Go back to that site and click on it again you can still download it Marie

by manami 16 Mar 2009

Dear Monique, thank you so much for doing this for me!!! Also thanks for all the lovely comments. Love you all!!! Hugs&blessings, Yoriko

by reddish 15 Mar 2009

thanks for the reminder--Diane

by debrar 15 Mar 2009

Thanks bunches. I would not want to miss these letters.

by memasanders 15 Mar 2009

Love the letters So pretty

by mad14kt 15 Mar 2009

TU ;D *2U

by gramsbear 15 Mar 2009

Thanks Abelille, *4U

by clawton 15 Mar 2009


by bokkieborduur 15 Mar 2009

Thank u for garden slpha, I think I am addicted to all the alpha's that coming up. hugs.

by claudenicolas 15 Mar 2009

thank you it is a nice alphabet***

by sqdancer 15 Mar 2009

Thank you so much Yoriko, it is such a lovely alpha, you are very generous... Hugs G x0x0x0x

by lindaavolio 15 Mar 2009

Thank you...very pretty!! *4U

by shuede 15 Mar 2009

Thanks for the beautiful alpha and being so generous!

by camylow 15 Mar 2009

thank you for this alpha...Will be perfect for a little girls quilt

by grandmamek 15 Mar 2009

thank you for all the lovely designs you do for us

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abeille78 by abeille78 15 Mar 2009

Yes we must thanks Yoriko for this alpha not me!!! I just remind it to all of you.

by migs 15 Mar 2009

Good job you remind us, it's hard keeping all the alphas in mind *:* Thks alpha is great

by edithfarminer 15 Mar 2009

thank you

by bikermomfl 15 Mar 2009

how adorable and how sweet of you to share with all of us, can't wait to stitch these cuties out.....thanks for being so generous.......

by kathyjt 15 Mar 2009

thanks *4u

by misfit 15 Mar 2009

thank you all the designs are beautiful

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Mar 2009

This is a brilliant site by our own Cutie - Yoriko. For anyone who has not visited it is well worth looking at

by blhamblen 15 Mar 2009

THANX for the reminder...YO...these are just the right size for "SPRING" things!!

by mops Moderator 15 Mar 2009

Thank you.

by modo 15 Mar 2009