by karikares 11 Mar 2009

about this time.... and the C was on the alphabet. Now today is E.... how do I keep missing things. :( I wish I could visit more often but right now it is not possible. If I were to know about when things are changed maybe I won't miss so many. sigh ... I so wish I could just join but that is not possible right now so have to do the best I can. Thanks soooo much for your help.


by clawton 12 Mar 2009

Many folks were having touble getting onto the site yesterday. Hopefully you got the letter you needed.

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karikares by karikares 13 Mar 2009

Yes... I thought it was just me having all the problems. Thanks so much. I did get the letter yesterday. :)

by beeboomer 11 Mar 2009

I think the A B and C were repeated because there weren't new ones added every day for people to vote on.

The time they are changed is variable. I have also missed letters because of this. I know it is hard to remember or not possible, but it is helpful to check back later in the day. They usually change sometime between 9 and 10 AM Eastern United States time. But sometimes it is considerably later.

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karikares by karikares 11 Mar 2009

thanks :)