by caydebug 07 Mar 2009

(my dear sister that handed down to me her emb machine when she upgraded) sent me this "Joke" last Christmas. At 53 and all know that the first thing to go is the bladder, I not to sure it was a joke, lol. But here are the pics of her handi work.


by lbrow 07 Mar 2009

I love it, I love it!! *4U

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caydebug by caydebug 07 Mar 2009

Oh, she thought it was a big joke. Got lots of laughs and I will never forget it. We've had a blast out of it.

by debleerl 07 Mar 2009

To funny LOL*

by sandy38001 07 Mar 2009

Hi, Cute joke, of course I'm a Tony Stewart fan too!!! Yea, go Smoke! If you get the "14" number please let me know!****4u

caydebug by caydebug 07 Mar 2009

Way to go!!!. I'm working on the "14". If I get one, I'll send it to you.

sandy38001 by sandy38001 08 Mar 2009

I'd love to have it. Thanks, *

by caydebug 07 Mar 2009

Of course Tony Stewart is no longe the number 20, but who cares. A simple adult pullup and lots of laughter. She used a heavy stablizer and said it wasn't to hard to do once she got the hang of it.

marietta by marietta 07 Mar 2009

I think they are real cute. It is high time some one does something for the people who wears these. Shame !!my mother in law had Alsheimers, and I looked after her, this really reminded me of then. She was a very funny lady (lovel person), and I think we would have had real fun if she had these. She is not with us anymore, and I realy miss her. Thanks for this fun reminder.

caydebug by caydebug 07 Mar 2009

I know what you mean Marietta. My Mom has it also. It's so say to see what it rips from their mind. But I have so much fun taking care of her. I know there are heart aches also, but my gosh, I have gained so much from her and from being her caretaker. I just hope that, I, in some little way, repay her for all that she has not only done for me, but been to me.

lbrow by lbrow 07 Mar 2009

I can only hope that my children will say the same thing about me one day.