by dinkie 05 Mar 2009

Help, Does anyone know where the "C" is at on Cassandras Embroidery website. Found the other but not the "C". Any help appreciated and thanks in advance.



by clawton 06 Mar 2009

Usually they are in the top section to the right that is in highlighted colors.

by gramsbear 05 Mar 2009

Thanks for posting Dinkie, *4U

by jrob Moderator 05 Mar 2009

Take the clue:
Hint for "C" - I love my Hubby "Davey",
then go to the top of your screen and click on Edit, between File and View, click on "find on this page". Type in Davey in the blank, because that is in the clue. Click on next until you find a link and follow it to "C".

gramsbear by gramsbear 05 Mar 2009

Thanks Jrob, I didn't know that! *4U

dinkie by dinkie 05 Mar 2009

Thanks, That is great, and worked like a charm. I also did not know that. Thanks again.

clawton by clawton 06 Mar 2009

I wasn't aware of the feature either. thanks for bring it to our attention!!!

judez66 by judez66 06 Mar 2009

I searched for ever yesterday for that C, I found it, but your trick will work much better on the future hard to find letters, Thank you so much.

Judy Mc