by jude3944 18 Jul 2007

How do I find out what the newest designs are since I've been gone??TIA Jude


by cutiepie 31 Jul 2007

Yes, I am refering to the page numbers at the bottom of the screen. There are seven designs per page when viewed in normal mode. If you use a 'tag' to search for designs by classification, all that are within that tag classification will be shown on a single page, with the most recently added to the site at the bottom of the list. Remember that you will only see Lovely Embroidery designs on and Cute Embroidery designs on There isn't a way to show all of the designs you are capable of downloading with your membership all at one time, since they are on three different sites (including the site). Are you clear on it now? If not, feel free to ask more questions and I'll answer as thoroughly as I can. =]

by qltrjudy 30 Jul 2007

Another inquiry, to clarify this. Cutiepie, are you referring to the page numbers at the bottom of screen? And are these the total designs on the Cute-lovely pages, or just each classification-eg...Alphabets, Animals etc??? hope this isn't confusing...LOL Judy in MI

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jrob by jrob 30 Jul 2007

Judy, the page numbers are just page numbers. There are numerous designs on each page and are listed newest to oldest design order. If you prefer going to classifications, the newest is the last one in each classification.

by jude3944 20 Jul 2007

Thanks for the help

by cutiepie 18 Jul 2007

Hi, Jude. The designs are being posted in order, therefore the closer it is to the beginning of the page, the newer it is.