by ruthie 17 Feb 2009

The *Perfect* Gift!


by shirlener88 27 Feb 2009

And right back to you - dear one!

by kttyhwk4 26 Feb 2009

Thanks for the hug....can always use one.

by sqdancer 26 Feb 2009

Don't we all have those days when we can use a "hug", I know I do.... thanks Ruthie for sharing...

by pennifold 26 Feb 2009

Dear Ruthie, just browsing on the site and saw your beautiful gift of a hug. I thought I'd send you one too fellow Aussie plus a great story of how everyone sees things in a different way.

This is a little story I read about two men who went fishing - a father and a son - but we could replace it with a mother and a daughter or son. The two men went fishing one day and came home empty handed. Years later, after the two had both died, someone found their diaries - and found contrasting entries for that same day. The dad had written -
"Caught nothing. Another wasted day".

His son, however, had written:

"Today I went fishing with my dad. It was the best day of my life".

Quality time had enriched his day and given him something he could be thankful for.

Isn't that what life is all about? You never know what the smallest deed can achieve.

Love and a big hug to you. Love Chris

by lv2sew 18 Feb 2009

beautifully said!!! thanks for sharing..*

by epic 18 Feb 2009

Thank you!!!!!!

by sewingerr 18 Feb 2009

a bear hug for you too!

by stitchship 18 Feb 2009

I needed this one today! Thanks!

by debrar 18 Feb 2009

Thanks bunches to all of you.

by gramsbear 18 Feb 2009

Thank you, I needed that! **

by jrob Moderator 18 Feb 2009

Yes, it is and Thank You, Ruthie! Here is one coming back to you!;)

by iris2006 18 Feb 2009

Thanks Ruthie and many hugs in return

by dailylaundry 18 Feb 2009

It is like a smile - it is free and makes you both feel good!!!! Thanks!!

by claudenicolas 18 Feb 2009

Tank you it is true and hugs for you

by gerryvb 18 Feb 2009

and here is one for you, and for all the ones who want it or need it!

by marietta 18 Feb 2009

Ooooh, how nice. Same to you

by camylow 18 Feb 2009

so very true, and right back at you...

by mops Moderator 18 Feb 2009

Thanks for that and a hug in return!

by jasanne 18 Feb 2009

So true - * and hugs back to you dear Ruthie

by tinfriend 18 Feb 2009

Thank You - right back at you too & for everyone else as well!!!
Flowers for everyone!!!

by lenamae 17 Feb 2009

Thank you Ruthie I needed a hug .I stitched a design twice to day and both times my machine jamed and messed it up . I finley just turned off the machine and stoped really did need a hug..
Lena mae

by manami 17 Feb 2009

Wow, Ruthie, that hug was so good! Thank you!!!

by lbrow 17 Feb 2009

AAWWW Ruthie How did u know I needed that? Now here's one back 4 u. *

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ruthie by ruthie 20 Feb 2009

Thanks Lillian, and I'm definitely a cracked egg, haha!!!

Thanks to all of you beautiful people for sharing the hugs, I love you all, more hugs and flowers to everyone.

by uscmom 17 Feb 2009

great to hear from you Ruthie!!!!! Thanks for the hug.

by blhamblen 17 Feb 2009

I take HUGS!

by tindo 17 Feb 2009

so cute !

by emily16838 17 Feb 2009

Your so right

by sandralochran 17 Feb 2009

Thank you So cute

by ruthie 17 Feb 2009

This is my gift to all our *Cuties*. Hugs, hugs, hugs everyone.

lflanders by lflanders 17 Feb 2009

How adorable and SO true!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 27 Feb 2009